Saturday, February 17, 2007

NY is cold...

I really don't like the cold. I mean if I were forced to live in it, I could, but as I am lucky enough to be able to choose where to live, there is no fucking way I would ever live somewhere that got this cold. When I left LA yesterday it was 75 degrees and sunny, I got into NY and there's snow on the ground and it's like - 30006. I'm sitting in starbucks freezing every time the door opens.

I saw Future last night when i got in and tonight I'll be meeting up with him and Play2win for some drinking. probably shouldn't make it too crazy of a night as I have to teach at 2 tomor. I'm really exited to be teaching day game again, I really do think that every time I teach the program it gets better and better. I've taught it a few times before but I really think this will be the best one so far. Not sure if there's still availibility, but check the website.

I understand why everyone is an asshole in NY. it's a city where eveyone is literally right on top of you. I was sitting here typing and this old homeless lady was almost standing in my lap for 5 minutes as she stole sugar from the milk and sugar stand. I can't make this shit up. And noiw some old guy is STILL sharing my table when there is an open table 3 feet away. the only reason I'm not moving is because I have a power cord.

I'm really happy i won't miss any of the exciting NBA all-star game tomor. LOL I don't get all-star games, they are almost always boring exhibitions where no one plays hard and occasionally someone important gets injured(see Brees Drew). Yesterday they didn't even get through the rockin jocks game without reggie Bush spraining his ankle. It's a dumb tradition that needs to be abolished. Select the all- whatever league teams and be done with it.

I'm going to begin reading sperm wars by robin Baker in a few moments, I've heard mixed things, but I want to read it at CJ's recommendation.

T-minus 8 days until I leave for OZ... It's gonna be crazy, I haven't been this excited to do a program since... I don't even know when.


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  1. A little off topic but just wanted to say that the day game seminar was awesome and I'll be writing a review about it in the next couple of days.