Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Review: Sperm Wars

Warning if you like traditional thinking about relationships, or if you want to believe that more than 96% of women will not cheat given the right situatuation, Sperm Wars is probably not for you.

This book is a fucking trip! I got back into the reading thing and I realized that my knowledge of evolutionary pysch was severely limited to what I had learned from a Magician. Not taking a shot at Erik here either BTW. The same way that my first exposure to NLP came through RJ and In10se, and I learned a shitload once i took a step back and looked at the stuff from L. Michael Hall, and Robert Dilts. I want to look at the actual scientific research and find my own conclusions.

So I bought " The Red Queen", "Sperm Wars" and a few others.

Sperm Wars is really well written and I REALLY liked the way he wrote fictitious cases and then examined the actual science behind them. I think EVERY science book should be written this way. That way you avoid dropping the book due to wanting to kill yourself. Don't believe me? Try reading " The evolution of Desire" and see if you don't find yourself looking longingly toward a pack of razors and your bathtub.

The most interesting part of the book in my mind was the last few chapters about how women's ability to orgasm is directly related to their chances of cheating. 50% of women can have normal orgasms and 2-4% of women have NO orgasms. That means that at least 96% of women given the right situation will seek better genes... It was also interesting to see the corrolation between testes size and the type of guy you are. Either a sperm wars specialist ( Someone who produces larger amounts of sperm to compete as he is more likely to select a partner who is unfaithful) or a non sperm war specialist who may produce less sperm and tend to guard partners better.

Basically that means that overprotective BFs generally have small testes.. This would be a great thing to tell my girl in AZ who's BF called me a couple of weeks ago.

Overall I reccomend this book if you are interested in the biology behind sex and de-mystifying some female behavior. I honestly didn't really understand the drives and urges that were responsible (unconsciously) for cheating and partner selection before reading this, as I do now. Be prepared to not like a lot of what you read in this book though especially if you have been in a LTR.



  1. Sting6:30 AM

    Hi Sinn -

    I haven't read this book - heard David D. talk about it.
    I have done a lot of work around psychology's nature vs nurture arguement (its even more tendious than the "direct vs indirect" stuff we get around the community)

    In a nutshell - psych guys tend to go overboard to one side or another with this one. Some guys are 100% one way or the other - even the big guys (unlike the community, the big boys of which do a certain thing but respect the oppostie thing as well).

    Skinner is a good guy to check out for the other side of things - simple guy, simple philosophy and simple theories - and on the money with it.

    Guys who really want to get a feel for the question of female tendancies to cheat, for their own understanding as opposed to how it'll help/hinder their agenda, - should check out other cultures.
    A lot of the ideas a lot of you hold... are based as much on the cultural sexual norms (i.e PROGRAMMING, not genetic predispostition) of North America/Europe as it is about genes.


  2. Sinn,

    Great blog post. My communication studies PROJECT is on the evolutionary arms races in media (advertising, entertainment, and propaganda) and in the Seduction Community.

    It's difficult to find quality material from the community beside the (somewhat misguided) info from that magician. The Red Queen is one of the sources I am using and Style/Neil wrote a very detailed review of that book for his Style Life Challenge but I am looking for multiple perspectives on this issue.

    When you get a chance (because I know you're really busy) could you please write more about how you think the "Evolutionary Arms Races" effect the Community and how PUAs try to "out run" other men and stay ahead of women's defenses or "out arm" themselves?

    I'd love to hear your thoughts and would love to quote you if what you write applies to my project.

    Ana Renee Jones

  3. i read red queen and people are telling me to read sperm wars. i thought red queen was hard and kind of boring.

    i'm hoping sperm wars will be better, which i heard it is.

  4. Bro,

    I haven't made time to read the book yet so I have a quick question for you:

    In regards to testicular size vs. protectiveness/dominance/alphaness, does it mention anything about males with miniscule testes, but big sacs?

    I'm curious because my shit's as big as a bat wing.


  5. Magnus9:23 AM

    Hi Sinn!

    I found2 books named Sperm Wars at amazon.com. One was "Sperm Wars: The Science of Sex" and the other one was "Sperm Wars: Infidelity, Sexual Conflict and Other Bedroom Battles". Wich book did you talk about in your blogg?


  6. Sinn!

    Ya gotta let us know when you're coming to AZ - I want to buy you a drink :) The "Vasectomy: $400" story I linked to below has conversations that took place at The Tavern on Mill ;)

    Secondly, ain't that the truth about cheating. I run a site that covers a lot on cheating, and from my search traffic, I can tell you that I get HUNDREDS of folks each day searching for everything from "I'm Cheating" to "How to get away with cheating on my boyfriend" on Google. Gotta love traffic stats :)

    Here are a few other 'cheating' articles you might like :)

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  7. truth7:09 PM

    Ana Renee, you said "the (somewhat misguided) info from that magician".
    Which things were misguided?

    Sinn, you quoted, 96% of women will cheat (sounds about right). The 4% is 3-4% that is not orgasmic?

  8. magnus, they are both the same. just that one is a reprint.

    sinn, have you tried The Selfish Gene? a bit drier, but still mind-blowing.

  9. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Unfortunately, several of the things in the book are more speculation than science. Yet a lot of people are still reading it and believing it.

    The "kamikaze sperm hypothesis", for instance, that sperm attack sperm from other men, has been disproved by several studies.