Thursday, May 03, 2007

Waiting for my stuff to get here...

I have to sit here and wait for my boxes of crap to arrive.

So I'm stuck here sitting in my living room which doesn't have a couch until tomor, and waiting for the cable guy to get here in their lovely 3 hour window. On the bright side I worked out already and have been remarkably energetic despite not sleeping last night after a date with the new city girl and a friend.

I'm working on buiding an epic social circle here, so I have been actively focusing on inviting girls I have met out EVERY night. That means that every girl i talk to fits a role somewhere in my life. It may just be as a friend or as social proff, but they will fit in somehwere and at the very least help me get more girls. I highly suggest that everyone does this, as the easiest way to get girls is to show up at a venue with them already and then meet new women and introduce them to the ones you are already with. In Marketing they call this starting a feeding frenzy. It's already working awesome, and I forgot how much easier it is to game when I don't have a massive cock farm of 57 guys with me on bootcamp. Obviously that's an exaggeration as our bootcamps capacity is set at 12, but it looke funnier. i do however see the need to address it so that no one on the wide space we call the internet actually thinks we do 57 guy bootcamps... Ok back to our regularly scheduled blog post.

Any way I am really bored of waiting and still have to test drive a new car, get to the bank and fax the NDAs and stuff from London to the LA office.

I am loving the new city by the way, and am wondering why I ever spent so long in LA. Currently my plan is to stay here a year or two and then move to another city. I'd like to ultimately live in At least 10 cities in my life including an international one like Greece or Brazil. So far I have lived in 3, so 7 more to go.

London went really well and it's great to hang out with Sheriff again and get to meet AFC Adam(Who rocks) and see Rokker from the Sweden program awhile back. He's gonna be really good and you guys should watch the various baords for posts from him.

I have successfully beaten jetlag 100% as I felt it neither in London nor back here. I have noticed an interesting thing though as I can sleep really well on the way to international cities and not on the way back. I think maybe I get too much sleep the night before coming back or something...

I want to recommit to daily updates here as well as getting some original content from guys like In10se, Toecutter, and others on this blog. I will also be posting a lot more on the TMM forum as I have been slacking on there and the level of discussion seemed to be dropping rapidly.

I lost all contact with HB perfect which sucks, but atleast I learned that I was drinking too much, and since then I have been much much more in control. So in all losing a girl you really are into ALWAYS sucks and it will take awhile for me to get 100 % over it, but I learned something important about myself.

I've been on another reading kick and just finished "Unhooked how young women pursue sex, delay love and lose at both" which was the most agenda pushing book I have read in a long time, but a good reference into hook up culture in the girls own words in parts... I'm now reading " I Am That" and " Women On Top" both of which are great. Especially I am that which is really life changing stuff. I don't know if this is a universal experience, but I always feel light headed when reading really heady philisophical stuff, almost as if I can feel the wiring in my head shifting... I might just be weirdly in touch with my mind body connection.

I need to make more money I've decided, so if anyone has suggestions on ways to do that, holla at your boy And no it's not because Savoy doesn't pay me well, it's because I really like the idea of financial independence. And want to actively work toward creating that....

My skateboard did arrive today which is awesome and I will be using it as soon as the Time Warner(Who I hate as a corportation and their service as well, but they are the only cable provider in my building) gets here and installs my cable for the TV which isn't here yet...

Awesomness all around. Overall I am in a great mood and despite nothing going right in my move, life is great right now.

I hope the same can be said for all my readers.




  1. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Good post. It'll be nice if you get back to reguarly posting.

    So what's the new city called?

  2. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Wow man... you sound like you are doing great. That's awesome!!! Last I talked to you, you seemed kind of down... and from what I gathered from the Lounge and blogs, you seemed really burnt out... I was starting to get worried about you. But now, you sound reinvigorated, like a guy who just took a BC. It's been a while since you have written with that much enthusiasm.

    Sinn said, "I will also be posting a lot more on the TMM forum as I have been slacking on there and the level of discussion seemed to be dropping rapidly."


    All the best brother,


  3. Anonymous5:04 PM

    You do not live in Toronto, or even Canada most likely, as Time Warner is not a cable provider here;)


  4. Sinn could you do some posts about how you are getting a social circle in a new town. I recently moved and finding this to be a difficult thing to start.

  5. Anonymous11:51 PM

    priest is such a kissass to all the instructors

  6. Hey dude!!

    If you want advice on how to make more money you should talk to your friend Capt'n Jack. He posts some interesting articles on his blog about money.



  7. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Time Warner....hmmm sounds like NYC to me...see you in the field Sinn...and don't try to amog me, I'm really shy

  8. Sting9:44 AM

    hey dude,

    blowing it with a girl you really like can be a zen thing. doesn't matter how good your skills are - it happens to everyone. wouldn't life be boring if it were any other way?

    sort of a freeing experience - life goes on and as you go through that, its a strangely peaceful, even beautiful feeling.

    you sound like a positive guy who's committed to learning and developing himself further and further. I'm sure you'll bounce back a better, more centered person.

    best of luck,

  9. The Scarlet Pimp10:58 AM

    Hey Sinn,

    Great news on the move to a secret location. Sounds like you've escaped LA, I'll be back there come the end of June.

    Looking forward to more regular updates.


  10. i am surprised that savoy is still paying u.
    i unsubscribed frm mystery method written by savoy. he wrote "it is a failure if u dont approach". i didnt want to think of failures. an approach is a success is my formula

  11. Urban6:55 PM

    It would be awesome if you could cover the details of how to build a social circle from scratch. That would be really helpful.

  12. Anonymous6:56 PM

    I know what the new city is...but I'm supposed to shhhhh :)

  13. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Got a chance to hang out, with Sinn and another top PUA about a month ago in the new city. I hope it happens again.

  14. Sinn,

    I have some stuff you might want to read about making money, in particular my book Breaking Free,

    which I'll send you a copy of. Also, I started doing some interviews with self-made millionaires like this one:

    If I were you I'd start looking at a couple things:
    1. investing in real estate
    2. you already have a huge name in the community and you should use that to come out with info products (book, audio, video). There's only so many hours of bootcamps you can teach in a week, so there is an upper limit on earning potential there, but an info product could sell 100 or 10,000 and it costs you zero additional time. Thats the real potential.

    Gonna send you an email with some stuff!
    Brian (Beowulf)

  15. Definately want to hear more about building social circles. If you could extensively go into it for awhile while you are actually in it would be great.