Sunday, May 06, 2007

lMR and age

A wing and I pulled last night, and we both got LMR. Then as we were trying to figure out why, I started to look at the things all the girls have in common(besides vaginas).

The answer that both of us came to, was that every girl we had gotten LMR from( That we couldn't get through) was in the 18-22 range. And it makes a ton of sense as they may be having their first attempt at a ONS so in an end game situation when they haven't been in it before, they freeze up and don't do anything because it's easier to stay in their comfort zone. there are of course exceptions to this, but they generally tend to be the girls who are more in touch with their sexuality and more comfortable in those situations. At 18 most girls simply haven't had sex with THAT many guys and may have never been picked up before...

Interesting food for thought and I like to hear others experiences as well.



  1. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Interesting insight.

    What about the concept of "pair-bonding?" Do you think that would be an efficient way to ease through LMR in a one-night stand? Or does it take too much time/effort to do this for just a ONS?

  2. Not trying to be a smarty pants here - but isn't that kind of obvious?
    hadn't occured to me this needed pointing out

    Hell - GUYS get weird about sex when it comes from an uncommon (for them) situation.

    I feel like a natural. first time ever. (:

    cheers, bro,

  3. Anonymous1:48 AM

    Just got LMR on a 19 year old college ballerina, petite 9HB in her dorm room. Even though I had loads of social proof and I did laid a "you hijacked my brain" foundation on the phone and a 2 LMR freezeouts. haha Jeezus this is a tough one.

    I spent maybe 8 hrs with comfort building
    1 club, 2hrs
    One diner bounce, 1 hr
    3 hrs phone.
    One DVD movie 2 hr.

    Who the hell knows, I think it's inexperience really. I'll give it one more shot but but no more after that. haha Although she did just call and did the "hijack brain thing" back to me so who friggin knows.


  4. LMR on SNLs with 18-22YOs.

    Using the New SNL model you posted awhile back (including the "I wanna get in your pants" SOI at the end of an qualifier in Step 4: Prepping) the girl should be pretty clear where this is all heading, especially as you've already thrown her through all the SNL frames: open-minded, sexual predator, decisive, earthy, etc.


    You're also including the "thing I hate most is when I'm more into someone than they're into me" frame?

    And the Breakthrough Comfort Passion and Purpose, Seeing Her, Hot/Cold, Future Projections, Emotional Honesty (?), Whirlwhind (uh, duh), and Bound for Greatness Path is in there as well?

    It looks like you need to throw another Qualifier/Frame up for her,
    this one especially for LMR.

  5. Anonymous11:45 AM

    i remember my first lmr after studying with this community for awhile, i was actually excited that i got it. "i understand" followed by just good talking resulted in a most excellent next morning.

  6. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Your game is slipping bro. Maybe you need to take one of these.

  7. Anonymous4:05 PM

    LOL at the RSD comment!

    We're just banging girls who want to be banged. Maybe the real test of skill is banging virgins, not sluts who are already hungry for it.

  8. Anonymous5:14 PM

    With these cases I'll wash, rinse, repeat a few times, but personally for me, I kinda know if I keep wrr I will break thru...but I kinda just don't want to.

    I just feel strangely bad inside.

  9. Nilatak5:51 PM

    I usually go for it twice, heavy make-out petting, if I get stopped the first time I ignore it and keep going, if it happens again I stop and go back into comfort, I just talk, I ask her about deep stuff (views on life, her/my experiences, first loves, ambitions) then after 10-15 minutes I'm back at it.

    I alterate this for 4-5 hours...if it takes that long, so be it. If I get LMR still, I go to sleep ; )

    I do think what was posted is right as the girl doesn't really know herself (weak identity due to lack of experience and because of that can't fight social conditioning and instead gives in to it)

  10. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Age definitely can encourage LMR. So can religious beliefs. Or emotional attachment to someone else. Or a visit from Aunt Flow. Or an STD/UTI/Yeast thingy she is experiencing. Or it could be the environment - if she doesn't feel safe or the environment isn't comfortable (clean, compfy bed etc.), she may clam up.


  11. ware_ru10:26 PM

    week-long freezeout then reinitiate and ignore the shit-tests that come when you do so. Then try again. I only tried that once (successfully) but it wasn't a cold approach situation so I can't vouch for it entirely. My brother told me he has had success with it, though (don't know the details). It basically makes them understand on an emotional level "put out or get out". And when you're the fucking money and they've already invested a lot of time into you, the best answer is put out.

  12. Another factor is a lot of these chicks are reading fucking bridal magazines still thinking that their pussy is a treasure chest. By the time they get to their mid to late 20s and been around the block a few times, they get over that shit and let their inner ho out.

  13. Anonymous5:39 AM

    Completly agree, there must be a reason and the reason it's most likely the lack of experience outside their "comfort zone" as you say!

    Last night I had this blond girl age 18, HB7. I gamed her almost perfectly and she was all over me. But when it came to pull her panties off I experienced worst case LMR... I worked the LMR "routine" atleast 10-times but with no success. If I weren't so horny that night I would have given up after 3-times but I kept going, time after time. She was not in her monthly period and she was not a virgin, she was attracted and felt comfort but STILL, just couldn't manage to go all the way...

    Lounge member

  14. Masters2:00 PM

    Lounge member"

    funny how some guys are qualifying themselves...