Friday, May 04, 2007

Super busy trying to find a car.

Had to go car shopping all day, so this will be a quick update before I head out for the night.

Car shopping sucks. I tested a shelby mustang, a Cadillac CTS and a BMW 650 and am leaning heavily toward the BMW I may not be able to afford. Car salesmen were pretty chill no real pressure, but they did call after I walked out and told me to call back asap. I obviously didn't as I left for a reason....

Anyway I'll be game related tomor.



  1. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Those cars are in totally different classes, kinda of strange. The CTS is a pile of junk in its current form ... GM parts bin galore. The 650 is an $80k car. I would look at the 335 coupe since it's just as fast for $45k. 300 hp twin turbo. Just get sport package. I drive an '04 M3 coupe. Great cars...

  2. Caesche11:11 AM

    You mentioned how you want to actively make more money. Don't throw away $50-$80k on a car you can hardly afford, invest it in something that has a return. There's a lot of profitable things you can do with that kind of money... buying a car isn't one of them.

    An expensive car like a BMW will eat up tons of gas with such a huge engine and is pricey as hell to maintain. Something more affordable, reliable, and efficient will probably work out best for you financially in the long-run.

  3. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Get a bike.

    What happened to thre skateboard?

  4. Anonymous4:49 PM

    I agree with Caesche. If you want to make money, don't start with a high maintenance car. I used to drive a Hyundai 3-door and still did pretty good date-wise add to that, I am no where near your calibre of PUA. Also, consult Consumer Reports for the best maintenance records. Remember, cars depreciate as soon as you leave the lot.

  5. Get a Prius, They Kick ass!

  6. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Great article on a guy that went undercover to find out more info on the world of selling cars...

    If you dont' have time to read all that, just skip to the last page for his tips.

    Good read still.

  7. I agree with Caeshce. While I do not want to sound like I'm on a soapbox, this advice is genuine since you helped to change my life in nothing but positive ways:

    Buy an economical, fun, functional and reliable Japanese car. They never break. They are inexpensive to maintain/own. They never break. I will say that I am a former M3 and MB CL500 owner and neither are worth the money (and money was not the issue, frustration, wasting money and my decrease in productivity due to being at the darn BMW or MB dealership was...). I now drive a Honda Accord Coupe (Honda/Acura has the best NAV money can buy) which will soon be swapped for a TL Type-S. The Lexus IS350 is also a worthy consideration (speaking from experience since I own that too).