Friday, May 11, 2007

Funniest Instructor moments part 2: Captain Jack

CJ has a rule about pick-up which states that you should disregard anything that doesn't help you in a pick up.

So when we were in Miami late last year, and sitting in seminar I expected that to be his reaction when I asked him about the number # 1 rule of pick up.

I forgot however that we had been talking all weekend about keeping the pimp hand strong(we listen to a lot of rap).

So in class as I asked him he looked at me confused and motioned his hand in a smacking motion....

It was awesome...

It was also really funny when as I smoked a cigarette in Australia and complained of being addicted, he while drinking a big ass 2 liter of diet coke responded " Yeah it must suck to be addicted to something."



  1. Anonymous5:30 PM

    LOL... Keeping the Pimp Hand Strong!!! I had forgotten about that one.

    That was from Austin. The Irish kid McCool started that shit!


  2. i was just watching a sports commentator discuss the similarities between 2 sport greats. one was michael schumacher. i believe he actually thinks that he has started the race by the first light and by the fifth light he is going. the same was with another great in cricket. his name is sachin tendulkar. he too does the same thing, he knows that he going to run b4 he plays the shot.
    that reminded me of what mystery wrote in his book. 'i have time for everything. i know what is coming bcoz i've tried it out so many times.' incredible!!!
    to paraphrase 'thinking' of the game makes a great.

  3. Anonymous3:01 AM

    I think you had to be there..