Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Humorous High value openers

Humorous High Value Openers

Are you bored of using opinion openers?

Me too…

A few months ago Savoy came up with his secretary opener. You can read about that

And then The Don and I came up with the Child Support opener Which goes like this:

“Hey guys, quick question. I have three child support payments to make and I can only afford to pay one because I like the track… And those kids don’t appreciate shit anyway... One is to this woman I knocked up. The other is her daughter. And there’s my ex-wife. I don’t want to pay the mother or daughter because the other one will find out and bitch about it. And I don’t want to pay my ex-wife because she’s a cunt. What should I do?”

I like it cause you get to drop a C bomb right off the bat… Which is always awesome.

Basically, a humorous high value opener like the above mentioned ones, or Brad P’s Shockers, show A LOT of good qualities about yourself directly off the opener.

They show that you :

Are funny
Don’t care too much about what they think
Are willing to take risks
Are probably pretty cool, as a nerd would be too scared to approach like this.
Aren’t trying to pick them up

Versus an opinion opener which just starts a conversation.

Now I would NOT recommend these openers for beginners as if you don’t have the right body language, and confidence in canned material, these will just come across as socially awkward, or like you are retarded.

But if you are advanced enough that you are already getting results and are bored of opinion openers, give some of these a shot.



  1. This is fucking hilarious. My colleague/buddy and I have a pact: we have to use the c-word at least once per day, whoever uses it first, gets to pick where we have lunch that day.

    Who said work can't be fun? Even if you have to deal with those cunts... in HR.

  2. Those are great. I guess it must seem strange if everything about you appears larger than life, but then you ask just a simple question like with an opinion opener.

  3. I just tested this opener out, on about a dozen sets last night. And I was able to transition right into A3. Just being ballsy, totally indirect, indifferent to their judgement, pumped their BT so high it was like popping open a champagne bottle.

  4. Oh, thanks Sinn and Savoy. This shit is gold. If you keep giving this shit away for free... Who will take your workshop/1on1 training? ;)

  5. Great post mate.

    I have a humourous opener i use which I have posted on my blog as well. I call it the Deja Vu Opener.

    And yes I sick of getting opinions on who bloody lies more!!! I dont f*&king care!!!


  6. Anonymous9:33 AM

    I FT'ed the "Child Support" opener the other night. Unfortunately, the girls thought I was being serious. Guess I need to change my delivery or FT it in less sleazy parts of the world.