Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Suggestion box # 1

SO here it is write in and tell me what you want to hear about.

Keep it positive please.



  1. same as last post*

    I would love to see some examples of real life set responses and just see how you calibrated.
    she says:blah blah
    you say: blah blah (so it would lead to this)
    her friend says: blah blah

    also your mindset, what ur thinking when you first get eye contact w/ some new chick, would be awesome stuff, like in Dyd book he talks about his mindset

  2. I would love to hear your story. How you found the game and decided to dedicate yourself to the system. How you managed to move out of your "secure" emotional area and continue to evolve yourself personally.

    Take care Speedy *M

  3. Sneaky Castro4:52 PM

    I would LOVE to hear about some little things you do during attraction to really hook a group.

    That would be very nice.

  4. Anonymous5:25 PM

    i know your favorite qualifying line that you use right away is "Who are you? And why are you special?"

    I'm not exactly sure what context you use that in. So one time a girl said a comment to me and just transitioned into that line, and she replied "...... i never said i was special..."

    Also some of your DHV's the way Captain Jack wrote about in answer to my questions :), the JimSmith post.


  5. Anonymous5:50 PM

    How about some Day Game tips?

  6. Anonymous6:11 PM

    like someone else said, I would really like to hear your story. you said you've worked really hard to come where you are, but how did it all start? how and at what point where you in your life when you found out about this community. how did your learning curve look like? which "guru" has thought you the most, and which ones that you've met are full of shit?

  7. Anonymous6:55 PM

    IMO the 3 major waypoints in a SNL are

    social hook point
    moment she becomes attracted/ interested
    sexual hook point *

    * I would like to know how you test for this (I assume prepping plays a role)and calibrate along the way

    - Pete Peterson

  8. Day game stuff. When is the DVD coming out?

  9. How you transitioned from night to day and excelled.

    Maybe your AHA moment of PUA-ing?


  10. I'd like to see tips and examples on frame control.

  11. I'd say day game tips, I find myself drawn to waitresses a lot...

  12. I would love to learn more about Comfort building - Question game and cube are nice, but how do you fill your 7 hours? How do you build comfort with girls that have little in common with you (e.g. nerdy guy talking w. party girl)?

  13. write about style, fashion, and clothes and how dressing sexy gets you laid by the 9s+.

    write what you wear, why you wear it, what's the thinking behind certain style, how does looking cool and sexy help you with pickup. just vomit everything you know about the subject.


  14. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Sinn, a few questions.

    how much free time did you have when approaching at your most hardcore?

    currently i have a full tiem job, and i go to school part time. I also have a social circle that i attend to.

    my best days i can usually do 3 to 5 approaches. but during my most busy days i can do one at most.

    I've talked to a lot of the guys that are good in the nyclair and they all said they had a significant amount of free time to go out for 3 hours and just approach.

    what was your situation like? where you very busy as well?

    I dont want to make the fact that i'm busy an excuse, but sometimes i have to drop an hour of approaching to hang with my friends.. my social circle has a lot to do with my identity and i dont want to trade that away.

    although doing approaches is very important to me, and i dont think its stressed enough in the community in general.

    thanks for reading, enjoy the blog.



  15. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Hey Sinn,

    I actually agree with maximilian. I think it would be great to tell us your story about how you got into the game and walk us through the day when you made that committment to yourself that this was an area of your life that you had to get handled NOW. Like what was that day like? what was going through your mind at the time? shit like that would be awesome

  16. An article on the levels of sarging.

    i.e cold approaches/social circle game etc and how they differ.


  17. Post some tips about being killer in bed and making girls cum.

  18. I would LOVE to hear about some little things you do during attraction to really hook a group.

    That would be very nice

    I second that

  19. Hi Sinn,

    I have always found your development interesting because (as I understood it) you began from an opposite point of departure as me. I read somewhere that used to brag about your success despite crappy inner game at the time.

    I am regularly number closing models (professionals with international work, not shooters girls) and building lasting rapport with them. The last one I met keeps telling me that I am marvellous and the one before that--a bona fide supermodel--is completely blown away by me. She tells me every time she sees me.

    The latter also recently confessed to me that she her defenses are very easily and viscerally triggered by touch. I suggested we do a massage workshop (which she agreed to) to get past this but this seems to be an issue with the models i day 2.

    I say that this is an outer game issue because if I knew what to do i would not lose a second to hesitation. The traditional bait/h/r/r and teasing seems to push them away even though most other girls would respond to that stuff.

    My question is,

    How would you go about making a supermodel sexually attracted to you? If my number closes are solid and I am getting kino in set, am i fucking up the day 2 or do I need to do something else in set? I might be coming of as friend-closing which means I am not winning her over as a lover. How do i add sexual attraction to the emotional attraction that is already there?


  20. Anonymous10:32 PM

    I also would love to hear your "story."

  21. I have always been interested in your development since you first said that you used to brag about the effectiveness of your outer game despite horrible inner game. Inner game has always come naturally to me but I find myself bonding on an intellectual level more than a sexual level with girls.

    I have been at this for a year and I am starting to consistently #close models (with consistent international work, not shooters girls or wannabe actresses). The last one keeps telling me that I am marvellous and the one before that--a bona fide supermodel--is so taken with me that everytime we meet up she asks me how I got to be so amazing, how I have so much life experience, etc.

    No I have not slept with them. Or kissed them. Yes, I did try on the day 2 and day 3 but they always turned their cheek.

    This is part of a larger pattern. I am very consistent at opening and number closing and even though I think I kino escalate it seems that the work I do to build attraction builds rapport instead. I have gotten strong attraction from a superhottie before and she was all over me so I am led to believe that my A2. I think almost every woman finds me attractive pretty soon after i open them but the sexual connection is missing. I am reasonably good looking (though short, 5'4"), articulate, and I work out effectively (gymnasts body). But when I escalate, even on a high point, they don't resist the kino but i am hardly ever able to move past holding their fingers in mine.

    In a sentance, what can I do to get things moving in a physical direction given the strong emotional attraction I am getting? Any suggestions leading to a kiss will win you a bottle of champagne sent right to your door.

    david aames (NYC)

  22. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Opening, transitioning and attraction in very loud venues.

  23. Anonymous10:47 PM

    u rock!

  24. Mystery gives a lot og examples of when an idea clicked for him.

    A good idea would be since you have established a lot of new ideas with Day and Phone game.

    Explain when and where you first got the idea that what you used now owuld work

  25. Anonymous11:31 PM

    Second the req. for day game tips.

    Also, what pushed you over the edge re: the move from LA to TX?

    And I don't think you elaborated on what dating site you don't like & won't be posting on any more.

  26. Anonymous11:52 PM

    field reports are always awesome ;)

  27. Anonymous1:12 AM

    Hey Sinn. I'd be curious to anything about relationship management/MLTR/relationship management with regards to your lifestyle of having to travel so much and keeping girls in every city.

  28. Anonymous1:32 AM

    The use of resource anchors and NLP for use in self change in regards to training for pickup.

    Have you done any of this?


  29. Anonymous2:29 AM

    I would love to hear your favourite Banter tactics, because I am not playful enough in set. (Role reversals, calling them bad girls, stuff like that).

  30. aerodynamic3:36 AM

    Hi Sinn, I think that transitioning is one of the most common sticking points. Could you write some notes on it?

    Also, I've read that you have some "huge cock" routines, could you describe them? I'm curious as I think I could also use them lol

  31. How about your most humiliating experience with a girl?

    The one were you felt like giving up, but then watched Navy SEALs with Charlie Sheen and knew everything would be OK.

  32. Michael L7:38 AM

    Some more about Breaktru Comfort!!!

    *bangs table on fist*

    This sounds awesome, I'd love to hear more about it...


  33. Wow I had no idea so many other people read this blog. I agree with maximilian about hearing your story and i would also find it useful to hear about keeping the whole sets attention and stopping it from breaking apart.

  34. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Recommendations on seminars that aren't in the big cities... I'm in Pittsburgh for instance.

  35. Day time direct. Where do you do them, what is your structure, how do you handle common contingencies.


  36. Hawk aka MunichHawk1:08 PM

    Thanks for this Sinn!!!

    I would love to hear more about sexual framing. What to do etc...

    Also, I´m interested in the stock lines you use in every sarge.

    Day game would also be cool.


    Hawk aka MunichHawk

  37. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Fashion, being a man, and how you developed such a strong presence.

  38. The craziest things that happened to you while giving bc's...That would be great


  39. I'd like to see the Attraction phase, cuz I think this phase is the hardest for me.

    That's it!! Hug

  40. Detailed Field Reports would make me happy

  41. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Hey Sinn,
    I think it would be great to tell us your story about how you got into the game and walk us through the day when you made that committment to yourself that this was an area of your life that you had to get handled NOW. Like what was that day like? what was going through your mind at the time? shit like that would be awesome.

  42. like crac said, an example of ur club game or day game. u gave the example of library pickup but it wasnt detail like wat u said and wat she said. it was more like busted balls, cold approach but no details. is ur method a1,a2,a3... or is it a lil different??

  43. like crac said a detailed day game/night game approach. from beginning to number or fclose. u gave an e.g. of the library but it wasnt detailed. u said u busted her balls did some cold reading. alil bit more detailed and is ur game exactly like mystery a1,a2,a3... or u have a different game. if different post on blog.


  44. Anonymous6:57 AM

    I'd like to hear something on inner game. The main concepts of inner game in your opinion, and could you expound on one of the concepts.

  45. how about attraction techs on a group of 3 or more women or hooks that you would suggest...and your favorite question you use to transition into A3.

  46. Xtreeme9:21 AM

    I'd love to see you pose naked and speak in a microphone that does not work... Oh yeah, you did that already... Seriously though, where do we find your video blog? Like I did a search and the thing stated above came on youtube. I mean you're sexy and all but I'm in it for the gal's, eeh ;).

    Fuck day game... I think people are too chicken to try it out so they gather to much information. Fidelio had a great thing about your most embarrassing moments because I think a lot of guys can relate to that and it will make them feel stronger.

    "Oh crap, I just shit my pants, fuck... Wait, Sinn did that once too and he's like the best. Aw, the pressure just went away" sort of thing...

    It will just make one feel better knowing you went through that slap/drink on the face, "you're a pig" etc. too. (I'm just exaggerating but a more real example would be the gal's looking at you, saying "you're a looser" and that makes you feel bad. I would seriously feel better knowing "Sinn went through that too")


  47. Anonymous12:14 AM

    since birth I just have one hand. Somehow I could not develop a good confidence while growing up and also had not much success/contact with girls. Do you have some advice for me or some hints on what girls are feeling and thinking when they see a handi-capped guy in a club, who is trying to flirt with them?
    When I asked girls about that I think always received polite answers that are of no real use for making progress.



  48. Hi Sinn
    Pls add some audio/video files.
    Preferably your sarges.
    Guys will benefit if you let them hang out with you, don't you think? Can you start a program like that?