Monday, May 21, 2007

Can a bootcamp help me?

The answer, actually has very little to do with how much experience you have with women. All the TMM guys are great at analyzing where a guy needs help and what situations he is going to succeed in. So whether you are a virgin or have been with 6,7 or 8 hundred women in your life we can help you get to your goals.

So even though the a majority of the guys who got good really fast(Myself, Future, CJ) had done a lot of sets prior to taking a program(I had done 750 or so, Future almost 1000) That’s not really a requirement for success and getting the most out of a program. No instead the best indicator of whether you are going to retain the information and get the success you want, is you.

If you are an apathetic piece of shit, who sits in the seminar portion, not taking notes, and staring off into space with a glazed look in your eyes, or you want to argue about a specific situation, or you want to tell me the material doesn’t work without trying it. Stay the fuck off my programs. Seriously don’t sign up, keep your money and leave me alone. I ONLY want to work with guys who are motivated, dedicated and want to learn.

I don’t care if you want to get hotter girls, have threesomes, have a ONS every night of the week, or get married. Your particular goals for your relationship life, are all great. As far as we can prove, this is the ONLY life you get. So you would be stupid not to pursue happiness with as much zeal and passion as you can. Push the boundaries of what you can have and go after your goals 100%.

Bootcamps SHOULD be a life altering experience, where your ideas about what is possible are shattered forever, and you leave with a roadmap and the tools to get the success you want. They are NOT magic bullets. If you are not a superstud coming into the program, you probably won’t be one coming out. But you will have a map and the tools to succeed, as well as a detailed list of YOUR specific sticking points and ways to get around them. You’ll also have a better idea of how to dress and how to set up YOUR life in a way that the trajectory of your passions and your path in life, leads you to be surrounded by beautiful women, while developing the skillset to bring them into your life.

If after a bootcamp, you do our prescribed workout course of 50 sets a week for the next 6 weeks, you will become internalized, and you will now ALWAYS understand where you are in the model, as well as having polished a HUGE amount of the material that we taught you.

Bootcamps, are like information overload, and if it weren’t for the fact that most people have regular jobs that require them to be at work on Thurs, and Mon, I would like to stretch the teaching out over 5 days so that students get more time to digest the material. I probably have 30 hours of seminar info JUST on regular game disregarding Stripper and hired gun tactics, Day Game stuff, and Same night lay stuff.
Ultimately, I would love to teach a week long event Tony Robbins style where I go over EVERYTHING from Inner game to sexual techniques and relationship management. Just not too sure what the market for something like that would be like.

Finally if I could address every potential student out there reading this, I would give this list of ways to get the most for your money, maximize your results and shave time off your learning curve while at a TMM program.

1. Be completely honest with yourself and the instructors. We will know when you are lying and more importantly you are only hurting yourself. Be real about what you don’t understand, and what you have trouble with.
2. Ask questions. If you don’t understand something, ask. I may ask you to hold the question until a break or until I finish making a point, but I will ALWAYS get to questions. Questions let me know you are paying attention and trying to figure things out for yourself.
3. Take a copious amount of notes. I still looked over my notes from my program for a year and a half after I took it. I was assisting Mystery on bootcamps, and STILL found new nuggets of gold in my original notes. Make it a habit to review your notes once a week every week after your program for a year.
4. Assume everything you know about women is wrong. I love discussing why things work, but I HATE arguing and trying to convince students that their beliefs that “ it’s hard to take girls home the same night” or “ Girls aren’t like that” are wrong. I don’t have time to argue as I have to squeeze everything I think can help an individual group into 15 hours including exercises. If you want an explanation for something, I’ll provide it, I wot however have a 15 minute argument in class.
5. Be willing to try ANYTHING. The students who get the most out of the course, are the ones who push themselves out of their comfort zones. The ones who take the big mixed set, rather than wait for the easy 2 set.
6. Don’t make excuses. They aren’t hot enough is not a reason to not open the set. You only have 2 nights with us in field. That means every set you don’t take is a set I could be analyzing what you are doing wrong, and you could be polishing material for a time in the future when a women you do want comes along.
7. Don’t take instructor feedback personally. We are NOT here to make you feel bad. Every single piece of advice I give is to help YOUR game. I don’t get any pleasure in telling a guy to wax his eyebrows or tell you to be louder. Take it as it’s meant to help you achieve the goals that led you to take a program in the first place.
8. Have a good attitude. Be enthusiastic and excited that you get the chance to have professionals give you feedback. Tell us you want to open sets, rather than waiting for us to push you. Come up with more ideas during the story-telling exercises, Write down what happened at night and have questions ready for debrief the next day.
9. Make friends with the other guys in the class. First because they may live in your area and you can make wings, and second because the better the atmosphere in the classroom, the better the bootcamp goes.
10. Have fun. Find some sort of joy in the entire process. It’s meeting women, not getting a root canal.



  1. Hi Sinn -
    I like your straight candour.

    the miami bootcamp people being a pain in the butt?


  2. Miami Bootcamp was awesome! Sinn is the sh..!! I know, I was there... The material is flawless and the push they give is just what you need to boost your confidence, this time the bad apple didn't ruin the crop. Sinn is awesome..


    P.S.: J, the shaved head look is great, thanks for the whole darn bootcamp; can't wait for a day game in Miami...

  3. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Why would you fuck the overall chi of a BC? Fuck that guy.


    Why pay $2150, plus travel, food, hotel; just to argue with Subject Matter Experts? You are retarded!

    PU be damned... you don't walk into a Microsoft seminar and start telling Bill Gates how to run his shit.

    The fact of the matter is that you don't know what you are talking about. You don't argue with Bill Gates about computers, you don't argue with Donald Trump about real estate, and you don't argue with an accredited PUA (be it PU101, VA, TMM, or Badboy) about how to pick up women. They simply know more than you. Otherwise, you would be teaching the seminar... not them.

    I never turned down a set in Austin. It sucked. By the end of the second night I had to go sit on the fucking curb outside while other students got me some food... I was that drained and that mentally overloaded.

    Before reading this post my feelings were, "If you don't want to approach sets, it's your money - do what you want. You are wasting your time, but whatever."

    But after reading this I remembered something from the military... Negative energy and low moral is contagious and spreads like fucking cancer. If you are this guy... you are affecting other students overall state, and their overall ability to learn.

    Half these guys are embarrassed enough that they have to spend money to learn how to interact with women... the last thing they need is for someone to be heckling from the back of the class.

    That's it I'm out!


    P.S. Sinn: Plan your week long Tony Robbins seminar. I know a lot of guys who would show up. Plus, myself and other students feed off the energy/charisma that instructors put out. Spending a week studying instuctors BL, facial expressions etc etc, would be a real treat.

  4. Michael L4:28 PM

    The idea for the week long seminar sounds really good. I genuinely think you'd get a hell of a lot of interest in that. As a one off or a couple of times a year like DYD do. Then maybes you could have an edited down version or whatever as another product for TMM. Which could also be really cool.

    Keep up the good work Sinn. You rule.


  5. Anonymous6:39 PM


    Just another toss of the hat for the weeklong seminar idea. I've been to a lot of real estate and tech seminars and one thing is certain. After the ether wears off after the 1-2 day cluster, a lot is forgotten, etc.

    I look at the 2 day bootcamp and always wonder, 'is that REALLY enough though?'. Many folks like myself would pay a bit more for a longer run.

    After all, bootcamp is like a vacation in another city. Except you have a guide to make sure you at least get some action from the ladies.

    Talk about that with the guys - I'm still planning on attending one in the next year, but I would absolutely LOVE to see it be a longer one :)

  6. Fader8:47 PM

    People are welcome to read my reviews on the mm forums about how well I do and STILL every time I sit in on this guy's programs I learn something new.

    It's serious gangstaness.

    Also my punctuation sucks.

    That is all

  7. The 5 day seminar would be a hit. It's an awesome idea man. I'm dying to do a seminar, but there's no way I'll have the cash to do one for a while, but blogs like these and the forums have really helped. The only problem I see with a 5 day seminar is the price would get up there, I know the 2000 dollars for 2 days is already a lot (worth it but a lot).

  8. I can't tell you how happy I was to take this boot camp. I really do feel that I'm going to start doing some major changes in my life which I should have done a long time before thanks to the mental kick in the butt from Sinn and Future.

    I also took the "Breakthrough Comfort" seminar the day after the BC. This was a real eye-opening experience. There simply is so much material to cover that a week long overarching seminar really would be something great.

    I did notice that in the single-day seminar of Breakthrough Comfort, a couple guys took it with the intention of it being a kind of mini-Boot Camp (a cheaper and shorter version of the real thing). I really don't see how someone could take the Comfort seminar without having first taken the actual Boot Camp first (because of all the material regarding attraction and seduction not being included in the Breakthrough Comfort seminar).

    For you guys who have signed up for a BC, make sure that you do as many cold-approaches as possible beforehand so that you will make the most of your time during the in-field training at night. And I mean at least 100 approaches made to completely random women in either a social or non-social setting. Sinn mentioned that there is nothing awkward from two people having a conversation. I think that for a lot of guys (by that, I am actually writing about myself specifically), they think that every girl that they do approach is potentially either their future girlfriend or wife. This makes the approach, when it does occur, almost always awkward and unnatural. With me, I am almost too respectful of the women that I approach, as if I don't deserve to bother them from whatever they are doing, even if they look bored and aren't talking to anyone in particular. I think that only by pursuing several hundred approaches over time, will that give me the mental tools necessary to consistently open up sets without freezing up. Sinn and Future quoted a cool phrase that summarizes this idea: "Either let the girl blow you or blow you off", but whatever you do when in a set, don't quit from your own volition, make the girls leave first if they dislike talking to you so much.

    Moreover, what Sinn and Future taught in the Comfort seminar is really powerful stuff which probably should not be put to print because many guys would really fuck with women's minds with that kind of uniquely perceptive understanding. If someone is already taking the Boot Camp and a Comfort seminar is being offered right afterwards, you should definitely just add it to your itinerary since it really is invaluable and pretty unique, to be honest with you. I think that Future mentioned that they "reverse-engineered the dynamics and the inner-workings of Love"; which is a pretty cool phrase.

    The best part of the Boot Camp for me was the interaction between Sinn and Future. They are such different personalities, but are really in sync with each other. It was like a one, two punch when they got going. I would think that a boot camp with only a single instructor might be a little less interesting (but still worth it, simply for all the material that you would end up learning). I will definitely try and see Future at his comedy club the next time that I'm in NYC because he is one funny dude (he kind of reminds me of Sloth from "The Goonies" for some reason that I don't really understand).

    I had mentioned to Sinn a book that I read back in college for a course that I took on Behavioral Science called "Don't Shoot the Dog!: The New Art of Teaching and Training" by Karen Pryor. The book discussed several animal training techniques which were useful in rectifying destructive behavior in people.

    The most important concept is that of variable positive reinforcement. When you pay a complement to a girl and then pop her bubble right after that, you are using some of these behavioral techniques to make her not know when you are going to reward her with a complement next.

    Relief from stress, pain, or boredom are common reinforcers and some "self-reinforcing" behaviors are actually maintained because of this. Examples are a dog barking because it relieves boredom, or a person chewing on her fingers or smoking a cigarette because it relieves stress. Car drivers speeding because it is fun. Guilt (or LMR in some cases) is an internal punisher that some people experience.

    I think that these kinds of descriptions better describe what is really going on in any given interaction or relationship. The main thesis of this kind of non-Freudian Psychology is that the internal emotions of the subject are completely irrelevant as a way to PREDICT their actual behavior in any given circumstance.

    I find it very unsatisfying when people begin to explain male or female behavior in terms of evolutionary causes or the state of mind of the person at the time of their behavior. Evolution as an explanation to anything ends in a circular argument.


    Question: "Why do humans act this or that way today?

    Answer: Well, because the behavior was passed down over the ages because it helped the survival of the species"

    If this is the case, then any defective traits would have been weeded out of humanity overtime. However, this is not the case. We still have people who are born who are mentally-disturbed, infertile, ugly. Why do half of all Asians have a single eyelid instead of two? If evolution really was so precise in weeding out undesirable traits from people which threatens their survival, then all sorts of things would be different today (George W. Bush would not have been born for example).

    So, I remain unconvinced when Mystery talks about the fact the "Approach Anxiety" comes from evolution, when a 50-person society where you have to be careful who you ask out in case you try to fuck the chief's girl by mistake. However, in a 50-person society, the fact is that you will know exactly your place in that society and the position in society of everyone around you.


  9. Xtreeme7:40 AM

    Hey man! This was good. I now honestly believe a Bootcamp would be worth the money. (Not that I ever doubted it could help, just that if it was worth paying that much cash for stuff you could learn yourself).

    Come to Sweden next year, would ya? You got Rokker over here and I'll try to meet up with him somewhat soon (to just hang out) but the reason WHY I want a bootcamp rather then just hanging out with a guy and watching his game is because of this single thing:

    I have NEVER Gotten feedback by ANYONE when it comes to PU. NEVER!

    It's weird, people see me and they may see me fail miserably three times and then get a make out by the fourth set and all they have to say when I ask is "High Five" and when I push it, I get BS answers

    "Stop being so negative, dude... You did great".

    Next year, Sinn. I dare you, wait no, I double dare you. I will be turned 18 (Can still be 21 on a fake ID, if necessary though). I've got a job now which means I can save up. Until then, I'll only grow better. Who knows, maybe I'll qualify as a professional shortly after. Maybe I wont. The only thing I know as for now is, I WANT FEEDBACK!

    Peace man.

  10. Hawk aka MunichHawk7:05 AM

    I´m still thinking about taking a TMM bc.
    Still sad that it didn´t worked out with Munich.
    Ahhh, maybe I´ll do it in the future, in the meantime I work on it myself.