Saturday, May 26, 2007

Live Blogging from the SF bootcamp

One of the students got laid last night and Future and I both had mind blowing nights...

Now we are on the debrief. Future is teaching about being non reactive and sticking to your conversational threads. He just said that the two things people all like are orgasms and humor. That's a great line.

Now we are talking about conversation trees. And ranging routines. Every routine needs to be good enough that it can be used as an opener so if you go down a conversational thread that isn't helpful you can start a new conversation.

Now we are teaching transitioning. There are 5 ways to transition

1. Content- That means if she gives you a topic to talk about off the opener, you do.
2. Observational. This is where you make an observation like best friends test
3. Cold reads- self explanatory
4. Phrasal- Like " That reminds me"
5. No transition-

The student who got laid did a bunch of venue changes, it seems like he naturally does things the right way. He's gonna be good.

Working with Future is really fun.

Now we are talking about locking in. Locking in is one of the most important parts of the game as it instantly changes the interaction. Locking in, just means that you get into the position of most comfortable comfort.

Ok I'll post more soon.



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