Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Funniest instructor moments Pt 1

I've been thinking about all the funny things that have happened on bootcamps over the years and with other instructors, so I decided to start posting my favorite memories of each instructor.

Starting with Savoy.

He'll remember this one pretty easily. After we had wrapped up a Vegas Bootcamp sometime in 2005, he and I had a 7 am flight back to San Diego. Instead of going to bed, we decided to drink and party...

This led to Savoy opening a set outside the clube Light, and when the disgusting girls had the nerve to ask if he was hitting on them, he replied with my favorite quote ever

" Yes. You are short fat and ugly. Please come to bed with me."

It was awesome. And later after I almost died of exhaustion, he ended up bouncing a really hot model/actress for after hours food...

Great times...



  1. lol me n my friend were crackin up at this

  2. Oh dear lord. I do remember that.

    Drunk Savoy doesn't get along very well with Tactful Savoy.