Saturday, May 19, 2007

Blogging from the Miami Bootcamp.

Here's a few quick hit thoughts from the first day of the Miami program yesterday before we start today.

1. Miami has AMAZINGLY beautiful women wearing almost nothing. Future and I were wondering why we don't live here. Then we drove around and realized that it's kinda gross.

2. Trying to bathroom pull doesn't always work. I tried last night and it didn't work... sadness.

3. Working with future is awesome, I forgot how much fun it is to have my best friend helping out.

4. Drivers in Miami are very aggressive and drive in a style unlike anywhere else.

5. I hate having really ON nights on bootcamps, as I can't take advantage of the multitude of girls trying to get into my pants. Carnal, Future and myself were unreal on last night and ended up leaving alone as our first priority is always helping students. Which leads to all the ON sets leaving...

6. I got asked if I was trying to seduce a girl from last field report by text. She also said it was working. Married girl also texted to ask me to marry her.

7. It is extremely rewarding when guys start to undertsand that you can talk to girls and it's not as scary as they have built it up to be.

8. I hate when people approach me and ask me if I'm Sinn...

9. Miami is a very diverse ethnic city.

10. I am soo Angry about the way the Suns-Spurs series went I may give up watching the rest of the playoffs....



  1. Anonymous10:54 AM

    I HATE THE SPURS as well Sinn, I think the NBA is rigged or something...

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  3. Come on Sinn
    Its rob from Sydney.I know you hate the Spurs,but the suns fucked up.The rules are in place.I saw the pti interview with David Stern and loved it.We won game 1 ON THEIR FLOOR.We won 4 they won 2.At the end of the day we can beat the suns.What did we agree on while you were here?The mavs are just like the sonics of old.

  4. Great to hear from you Rob!

    Shoot me an email so we can talk sports.

    Spurs suck BTW..


  5. Fader8:42 PM

    Mediterraneans like Miami.

    White Wonder holla

  6. Anonymous8:46 AM

    From one avid Suns fan to another, F the F'ing spurs, the dirty bstars. true two suns players walked onto the floor but that proves the punishments are dumb. Intentional Hard-fouling vs. merely walking on the floor? seriously folks, seriously...