Thursday, May 17, 2007

LR From Chode-Out to Lay

This is my 3rd new lay in 9 days. I usually don’t post LRs but I want to document my choding out pre-lay so I can remember not to do it EVER again.

So I hit the venue with CJ. Actually CJ falls asleep and I get a text as I’m walking into the venue. Ok. I can watch the Suns-Spurs game and do some approaches.

I see a 2 set of 9s, short, blonde, big boobs. I want them but they are walking the opposite direction and I try not to do moving sets in a venue as they usually will just keep moving.

So I watch the game for a bit until I get mad about the stupid ass suspension of Amare Stoudemire,

I roll to the other bar. There are the 2 9s. And here comes the flood of Approach Anxiety. I step behind them to hover near a group so I can bounce off them. I start texting myself a set list. Then a dude opens me on my phone. I chat him as it’s always better to have social proof. Then a 5’10 girl appears to open me.

She’s ok. Nothing special then I look down and see massive Sinn stunners. It’s super on. She’s giggling and biting her lip. I start thinking logistics to move her. There’s a bathroom attendent so scratch that… fuck. I’ve been listening to Brad P’s CDs on bathroom pulls so I have a mission. I need to bang this girl quickly.

Later CJ and I talk about a new concept I’m thinking about calling it the sexual hook point. Basically it’s the point where buying temperature is soo fucking high that you can start escalating like… well something that escalates quickly. I still don’t have a good analogy…

Anyway I chode out for the first time,by merging her into the set with the two 9s. The set goes nowhere as the 2 9s are both married and have kids. Whatever post pregnancy work out plan they are on should be mandatory. I run some huge cock game and move the girl(who’s married btw) around the bar.

I chode out again by not getting her out to my car or out of the venue into an alley way. Fuck!!! I get her on a patio and she walks away from me.

Here’s CJ as he finally rolls up and we walk around. The married girl re-opens me by telling me she missed me. The 2 9s are there so I go into my default J-plotline mode. Married girl is floored and would have been all over me, but her phone rings and it’s the husband. She disappears for 35 minutes and I work the peer group. They play in some sports league together. I run some Identity stuff and shoot the shit. I really need a better answer to why I moved to Dallas than “ I like it here”. Married girl doesn’t return and the dudes roll to the other side.

I’m back with CJ and we hit a few sets. I use Horsegirl for like the 3rd time ever and it goes well. I aam purposely trying to open badly as a social pressure experiment. I want to stand in the full force of the social pressure as a way of building value. So I am purposely overnegging and fucking sets up to create social pressure. It’s amusing. My favorite new experiment is what I call Future style mixed sets. Future is super gangster and hits on the girl in front of the guys. It’s seriously my favorite thing to watch as the girls get SUPER attracted and the guys get super pissed. I use this as a social pressure experiment. Future is a much better fighter than me though, so I may end up getting killed…

I open another tall 5’9 Blond with huge-uns. It goes well except when I make a comment about her ring and she says it’s for her brother who died in Iraq… Whoops. I recover and dismiss her to come back to her later.

I get opened by an 80 year old women. Seriously she was a million years old. She was wearing an orange dress, a green bag and ruby red shoes. As I’m getting bored to death, I see a short hottie who’s hair matches mine. She’s laughing at me. I excuse myself from the old bag and open her with “ I hate you” Then I bitch about how she left me there with the old bag. Her friends are there and I introduce myself as “ The guy who is hitting on their friend”. They roll to the bathroom. It’s still on though. It’s always on.

I want to throw up due to the end of the Suns-Spurs game.

I rejoin the married chick and her 2 orbiters. She wants to dance. I figure I have a second chance at pulling her somewhere. I don’t dance… I have a series of seizures to music. It’s ugly but amuses CJ to no end. At least he didn’t tape it. This time. I try to pull her and she goes back to the table. Game Over…

I go back CJ is in set with some hair stylist. I make mock fucking motions behind her to amuse myself. I finally introduce myself and she makes fun of my handshake. Doesn’t she realize I’m from LA? We do the limp fish. The short hottie is proximiting next to us. I re-open by grabbing her.

I run Da Hunter’s do we look good together routine, which is money BTW… her friend tells us to take a walk with her. We go out to the patio, the friend tells me to lean against the wall then tells the shortie to get next to me and says that’s her make-out spot. I tell her I’m not ready to make out yet, because I need comfort and trust first. I run Strawberry fields. 27 strawberries… I start break through comfort… I tell her she’s amazing and sucks for not just being hot, and I mean this even though I’m trying to fuck her. Her other friend comes out and says they are leaving. I throw up a hail mary, “you should stay” comment. Her friends bounce to pull up the car. I set up a date for Weds. I tell her we should freak her friends out by pretending to make-out, she responds we could just make-out. Ok. I push her away and say that’s all she gets.

I go back in Married girl is gone. I have a short temper tantrum,

Then CJ is opened by a HOT black girl he and Player T had # closed a few months back. Then her friend rolls up. Her friend is literally the hottest black girl I have ever seen in my life. I am being obnoxious and super sexual. The girl who had been # closed is loving it and calling me an idiot. We join them and their 3rd friend who is getting gamed horribly by a guy with a painted on moustache who is telling her she is “Wifey Material” and that “ He’s never looked in anyone’s eyes like this”… I throw up a little in my mouth, and feel better about myself.

No routines just alpha and constantly telling her I’m trying to fuck her. Oh and a lot of huge cock game. Including the Bear story that I tell terribly. She’s thinks it’s hilarious. Fuck you Temag and Future I can’t tell it that badly. I seed the bounce with “ I’m not ready for the night to be over.” She agrees. The girls try to lose the chode and then we lose CJ. I find him and ask if he wants to pull as it seems on with him and the Uber hottie too.

We walk outside and I tell them we should go after party at my place and do some shots. They agree. I hop in the M3 with CJ and tell them to follow us. I drive slow, which is a major pain in the ass with this car…

We get in to my place I pour some of the Raspberry Vodka I had bought earlier that very day. Then I tell my girl I want to show her the tour… I start on the balcony and quickly get to the bedroom. She won’t come in. I put he drink down and try to kiss her. She says” I thought we weren’t kissing anymore.” I reply “ I lied”. I push her on the bed. I start escalating. When I start taking out her tits, she asks what I’m doing. I reply “ getting you naked so I can take advantage of you.” I escalate and try to finger her. No go. She’s “ Not ready” she says. Cool… I dry hump her, then bust a The Don by taking my pants off. She’s wearing a skirt. I rub myself against her clit and tell her to say she wants to fuck me… She tells me to get a condom and the deal is done.

Total time in this lay 2hrs… The keys were sexual framing and talk. Not flinching at any flinch points and diffusing congruence tests with humor. She was from Zimbabwe and super hot.. She also tried to tell me it was only a ONS then asked me when I was going to call her….

CJ and I then roll to Steak and Shake.

I’m still mad I didn’t bang that married girl at the bar, but she texted me this morning. The shortie texted me last night to tell me I’m a sexy bitch…

Good times.



  1. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Those two Zimbabwe girls were super-fucking hot. The one I made out with (who has a boyfriend) is just 20 years old.

    She hinted at having me drive her home but I didn't catch the hint until we were already back with you guys by your car.

    Sweet lay, man. Super hot girl.

  2. Anonymous6:54 PM


    I think more FR's from instructors would help everybody in field.

    Great FR!


  3. Love it. Writing a fr like this is a lot more relatable than just saying "I ran a nice 3-set and banged a chick". It was good to see your mistakes and it was good to hear about some of the new stuff you do like sexual framing. Great down to earth real report thanx.

  4. Anonymous4:53 AM

    WTF is huge cock game? You talk about having a huge cock or what?

    BTW Sinn not replying to comments is not nice. You might as well lose them.

  5. Anonymous7:53 AM


  6. Anonymous9:11 AM

    "I dry hump her, then bust a The Don by taking my pants off. She’s wearing a skirt. I rub myself against her clit and tell her to say she wants to fuck me…"

    Hardcore closer

  7. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Sinn, I love these lay reports man you should definitely put more up. That one kicked ass!

  8. Awesome report... thx for sharing.... had me laughing my ass off at points! BTW, awesome choice in cars... that M3 kicks ass!

    - Synth

  9. Do you need a huge cock to run huge cock game? I take it that you are whipping it out or something.

  10. JrZyBud2:28 PM

    I'd just like to add that Steak and Shake kicks total ass ... we don't have any up here in the North East, but everytime I head down to Florida I always make sure I stop

  11. Anonymous1:13 PM

    haha nice to see the kino routine in action!