Monday, May 28, 2007

This week in Sinns Of Attraction:

So I missed a few things last week as I ended up hitting SF to help Future..

Good times had by all.

Anyhoo, this week I will finally finish my reviews of both BradP's CDs(I got like 4 more to get through)and The Way of the Superior Man.

I'll post another invite for you guys to tell me what you want to hear about.

A new article on self discipline and inner game.

And maybe some live blogging from my Vegas progra(there's still seats left)



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  2. I would love to see some examples of real life set responses and just see how you calibrated.
    she says:blah blah
    you say: blah blah (so it would lead to this)
    her friend says: blah blah

    also your mindset, what ur thinking when you first get eye contact w/ some new chick, would be awesome stuff, ty sinn

  3. Anonymous2:23 AM

    what about your article on the "worst seduction forum"?

  4. Anonymous6:01 AM

    Ya, I was actually looking forward to read about what forum sucks so much...

  5. most seduction forums suck if they are not heavily moderated. most guys in forums are either KJ's or guru wannabe's. the latter are predating on the former.

    everyone wants to make an easy buck off his fellow man. with a few exceptions, this is one of few blogs i read religiously on a daily basis.

    Thanks Sinn!

  6. What about the changes to the bootcamp format? I am very seriously considering the Phoenix Bootcamp in July so I'd like to hear about the changes.

    Also, I was in the Miami comfort class. I used some of that for the first time this weekend. I only used a few pieces but it really does work.


  7. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Can you make a post on what your specific goals should be for comfort IN VENUE.

    We know what the overarcing principals should be for the 7 hours but which bits do you hit on specifically when you have her alone in the club?

  8. Anonymous3:40 PM

    (sigh) when are you going to post about THE SEXUAL HOOK PT...Gosh !!!!

    I need some skills.

    - Napoleian Dynamiye