Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lack of updates explained...

SO I have been SUPER busy...

I slept with the coolest girl of all time the other night. She likes comics and V for Vendetta is her favorite movie. Unfortunately she also has a BF in another country.... Gotta love the drama.

Last night in continuing my spirit of dramtic destruction, I had a date with a married girl.Who wait for it also has a boyfriend on the side and hasn't had sex with her husband in 2 years. That just got weird and she's still texting me after I told her she shouldn't. Yay! So I'm not making the best decisions with the women that I am dating, but that's ok, because now I head to Vegas where the women are SUPER high quality mentally and emotionally :)

I also have invented the most fun game of all time: Virtual drinking with Savoy. SO far in the series I am up 3-2 after Savoy made a rousing comeback in game 5 from down 5 drinks to win with the help of home court advantage. Not sure who won last night. I probably did. But tonight if game 7 happens I will not have to drive and Vegas never closes. Though to be fair Savoy has said that he is willing to go to bed with a bottle of vodka set the alarm for every 15 minutes and take a shot to win the series.

By the end of today I will have finished the Way of The Superior Man review, and then I'll start on the Brad P ones.

It looks like most of you guys want to hear about how I got into the game so I will also write an article about that at some point.

Right now I am watching The Real World Las Vegas reunion show, RW Vegas was the BEST reality show ever and I think it's high time that MTV brought them back.

Cj just walked in so it's time to go eat



  1. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Dude, V for Vendetta is ok at best

  2. Yeikop11:50 AM

    Hi, Can u explain the Virtual drinking game?? sounds interesting