Friday, May 25, 2007

Captain Jack's rings on fingers routine

CJ is super money and this routine is awesome! I've just started to use it with great results.

Here's CJ

Hey guys,

I've field tested this 5 or 6 times now and I think about 4 of the Dallas PUA's that went to AsianPlayboy and Prophet's Dallas Workshop (which was AWESOME btw) tested it in field with good results too. I know this because I ran it on an HB and she told me I was the 2nd guy to tell her that! Ha ha!

I have a short DHV type version and I've created a longer comfort version that I haven't tested yet in its entirety (it is longer and is nlp-pattern based).

Here is the shorter version:

In every interaction I try to communicate (at least) the following 3 things to make sex easier...

1. We're both good at keeping secrets
2. When she sees someone that she's attracted to she becomes sexually aggressive
3. I'm not judgemental

Here's an excerpt from a recent lay report where I think it helped immensely to allow her to become the aggressor...

Originally Posted by CaptainJack
"Did you know that what fingers you have rings on says stuff about your personality?"

I point to the right pinky ring and say, "that means you are good at keeping secrets."

HB: "i tell my brother everything."
CJ: "just your brother?" that's ok. that's like a diary, plus he's family."
CJ: "and your right ring finger, that means when you find the right person and you're attracted (pointing to myself), you become sexually aggressive"
HB: "yessssssss!"

Then, I look at my left middle ring and say, "This means I'm not judgmental."

HB: "mmmmmmm...."
Here's how I've been doing it lately in A2,C1 or mini-isolation.

I'll look at the HB's hand and say, "hmmm..."
HB: "what? what?"
CJ: "You can tell stuff about people by which fingers they wear their rings on"
CJ: *look away and go silent - this is to bait her to invest in the convo*
HB: "tell me!" or "what do mine say???"

Most girls will have at least two to 3 rings on their fingers. This is all BS but I like to keep the pinky finger the "keeps secrets" finger and the right ring finger as "sexually aggressive when you find someone you like" finger then I'll say that the left ring finger (i.e. marraige finger) means you are sexually submissive (which makes sense because you DID get married - ha ha).

CJ: "Wearing a ring on your pinky means you are good at keeping secrets. That's why you pinky swear and why mafia guys wear pinky rings."

If she doesn't have a pinky ring on I say, "Damn, we'll have to pinky swear before we share deep secrets..." *smile*

HB: "blah, blah"

CJ: * i'll look at her other ring and it is usually either an index finger or the right ring finger for some reason * "And, this one means that when you find someone you are really attracted to (sneakily pointing to self with my thumb) you feel comfortable getting sexually aggressive with this person (again pointing to myself)"

Right here, its important to NOT LET HER TALK. Because she might try to start qualifying herself as NOT being a slut or being marriage material or whatever because she thinks you want a prim and proper girl like that. If SHE does get that out then you are going to have to go REALLY DEEP in comfort and rapport later (so don't make it hard on yourself, don't let her make a peep).

So roll right into the last one. Point to one of your rings (remember it can't be a finger that you've already used on her so you may need to adjust your ring before this) and say:

"When someone wears a ring on this finger (pointing to your ring) it means they are NOT judgemental. They don't have all of the HANG-UPS about life and relationships that most people do."

Then, later throughout the convo when sexual comments start coming out I (subtly) play with that ring once or twice.

There you go. Please field test and let me know how it goes!

-- CaptainJack

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  1. I first heard this version from CJ when you guys were in Sydney.

    I began field testing immediately after.

    Its awesome. I havent used the original version in months.

    Great Stuff