Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Girls don't not like Doctors, girls don't like YOU!

So a lot of the time in programs, we will have guys tell me that telling girls they are a Dr, a lawyer, or a firefighter doesn't work.

To this I respond bullshit!

There are certain stereotypes that cause attraction(That's the basis of our 3rd day of seminar on identity) and any stereotype that girls GROW UP being told to marry... are good.

The problem is that if you don't know how to get attraction, because you have no SKILLS, then nothing will work for you. There is 1 thing and 1 thing alone that gets you the girl...


That said, if you are playing cold approach i.e going out to public gatherings to interact with groups of women. And you are NOT using your strong identity because in the past it hasn't worked for you... You are shooting yourself in the foot. With a bazooka.

You would not believe how often this happens.

There is no such thing as " Pure" game. Every single advantage that you can use to help you get the girl, you should.

Guys, don't be afraid to talk about all the awesome things you have done, don't be too humble. Seriously if you have ANYTHING in your life that a woman will like you more after learning about, talk about it. Future was a marine and when he took his program, he NEVER talked about his time in the service. Now he talks about it all the time and his results have followed.

Ok rant over...



  1. Anonymous4:46 PM

    what's a bazooka?

  2. Anonymous8:12 AM

    girls like engineers.they are cool and active than doctors

  3. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Girls like doctors, they're cool and their grammar is better than engineers.