Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Keeping the sword sharp

I am not better looking than most guys like Da Hunter, I am not 6'5 like Savoy, I don't have a natural love of the spotlight like Future. The only reason why I get results, is that I work my ass off.

I read, I practice, I do sets. I have probably done somewhere around 10,000 sets. Think that through for a second. That means 10,000 times of walking up to a stranger or group of strangers and opening then trying to move forward. 10,000 times. That's more than most people will ever do. And I'm in my early 20s.

I believe in the power of practice and in the power of keeping on top of things. I have been out with guys from PU101, Juggler, RSD, you name it. I am constantly looking for things that will make my game better. And then I teach them.

I truly believe that I am the most progressive teacher in the industry. I don't think ANYONE else can match my knowledge of compeititors products, method, or flaws. You want to know about NLP, I have a master's prac. You want to know about inner game, I've spent almost a year delving into it.

I am constantly learning new pieces of the game. I am constantly trying to expand and work on new areas. Right now I'm working on social circle game and bathroom lays.

The point of this post is not as Jlaix has so elequently pointed out to tell you I'm awesome, the point is to show you that if someone like me, is still working on my game consciously. Are you?

Over the last week, how many approaches have you done? How many phone numbers have you gotten? How much have you pushed the boundaries and improved your game. Because I won't stop. I can't. I am dedicated to getting as close to perfection as I can. I realize that I won't ever fuck every girl I open, but I want to maximize my results. I wil not EVER become complacent, because to become complacent means to accept imperfection and I won't ever do that. I know perfection is impossible, but that doesn't stop me from chasing it.

What about you? Are you becoming comfortable or pushing the envelope? What have you done this week to improve your results with women?



  1. Sting4:44 AM

    Hey, man -

    I have a seriou question for you - and i'd actually like an answer on this one (as would many of your other readers, i'm guessing). not just chit-chatting here

    For you personally, to what degree is all of this motivated by

    a) wanting to be a better and better teacher?


    b) wanting to be a better and better PUA?

    no BS - in the spirit of straight honesty you usually bring to the plate, how does this work for you?


  2. yo sinn,

    youre blog is really f'ing good, youre becoming bill simmons #2 to me...

    i was hoping to get youre input on one of the things that i am working on. i have been working my game upwards of 18 months, and im having much less trouble opening, but i just get really bored talking to most people and then end up drinking too much when i go out, seemingly because its just a much more acive (read: safer/familar) process.

    i guess my question, is do you have any insight as to how to become more interested in who you percieve to be boring people and how to you manage to control youre alcohol consumption when you are out in bars?

    much respect...

  3. JustCallMeDan7:00 AM

    Yeah, right... You just wanna tell us you're awesome... ;)

    j/k :D

    Good point though. I guess we all go through periods of resting on our laurels sometimes, but if you can constantly maintain that level of tenacity, all the better for your skill level.

    From what I understand though, specific to you, this is kinda what it means to be Alpha: I mean, this is your identity, right? Aside from the (positive) stereotypes you borrow from throughout for pickups, being a pua instructor is a major part of who you are, and to not be driven at it would be kinda weird!

    But, that said, it's admirable for someone to remain driven with ALL their endeavors. I aspire to that. I'm naturally lazy y'see :) For someone who holds down, nay remains PROGRESSING in both their career AND their pua skills, for someone with those areas of their lives being distinct and seperated (which I would guess describes a lot of students of TMM!), that's an impressive show of tenacity.

    I guess it's always worth reminding people that it's NOT so difficult to do! It really doesn't cost that much to take time out and think about what you're doing and how to improve :)

    Cheers for this post. I needed to hear it!


  4. dutche7:42 AM

    Man, I'm a begginer in this GAME...but you are one of my inspirations to get fucking good on that.

    I'm a brazilian 22-years boy and unfortunately I can't meet ya or have a bootcamp...but I got one NLP says...that just copying the behavior of a master in the area I want to master, soon I'll be there :)

    I spent a good money here...with the 5 dvd set of Mystery, the VAH, Magic Bullets and now Instant Attraction from Bradp ... I'm getting there :)

    And if one day you come to Brazil, you have a wing :)

    Hugs and keep posting man!!! Yar an inspiration to me.


  5. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Thanks for the inspiring article, Sinn!!

  6. Truth8:12 AM

    Kudos for always pushing yourself forward.

    As far as shooting for perfection in your PU skill?

    I want to meet someone I genuinely can really care about, and know that if I ever need to walk, I can meet someone else in relatively short order (a few weeks for someone to date, 6 months to a year for someone I really want a LTR with).

    13 years ago I was on a tear (for a non PUA), 14 women in 12 months, and at the end I got so good I said "I'm going to go out and get laid tonight!" and I did. D cups, model quality, and loaded enough that the whole experience wasn't even enjoyable, and it not only made me rule out anyone else who was loaded, but it convinced me that I had to be pickier as to who I was going to date. Two of the worst dates later, I got so disgusted I didn't even bother dating again for a year.

    Doesn't the goal of attaining perfection in your PU skills seem like missing the whole point of doing it in the first place: getting to share achieving your biggest goals with someone you are genuinely excited about?

    If I sought perfection in my PU skills, on my deathbed I couldn't help but ask, shouldn't I have been spending more of that time on my music and with my GF/friends, and causes I believed in?

    That being said, I have near similar feelings about what I want to do as a musician, although music isn't quantifiable/competitive like sports/sales, so perfection doesn't come into the picture.

  7. Anonymous2:12 PM

    You say that you are in your early 20's, which is super! awesome!! man, but what advice would you give to younger people say a 15 year old guy (Im 18, been in the community for almost 3 years)...who cant really take bootcamps, where money is a limiting factor

    how would these guys progress in terms of PUA


  8. Mikenyc3:19 PM

    Sinn, a few questions.

    how much free time did you have when approaching at your most hardcore.

    currently i have a full tiem job, and i go to school part time. I also have a social circle that i attend to.

    my best days i can usually do 3 to 5 approaches. but during my most busy days i can do one at most.

    I've talked to a lot of the guys that are good in the nyclair and they all said they had a significant amount of free time to go out for 3 hours and just approach.

    what was your situation like? where you very busy as well?

    I dont want to make the fact that i'm busy an excuse, but sometimes i have to drop an hour of approaching to hang with my friends.. my social circle has a lot to do with my identity and i dont want to trade that away.

    although doing approaches is very important to me, and i dont think its stressed enough in the community in general.

    thanks for reading, enjoy the blog.



  9. do u think it was worth the 10,000 sets?

  10. Anonymous1:05 AM

    Hah, I'm in your boat J.Z. email me

    Sinn, if it makes you feel better, many women i know said you were genetically 'really hott' And i made sure they didnt mean that cause of preselection/social proof, they thought u where physically attractive on first sight, period.