Saturday, May 05, 2007

Being genuine or the emotional honesty switch

Recently as I have been dealing with a lot of car dealers and internet marketers, I have noticed something pretty interesting. For the last few months as Future and I have been tweaking Breakthrough comfort, I have talked a lot about emotional honesty. I believe that it is one of the most important factors in both attraction and comfort.

A woman has to be able to trust that you are not lying to her or trying to manipulate her. She has to be able to trust that everything you do, is being done because that is the way you feel. Furthermore you're emotions have been the driving factor to make you pre-selected by women, a leader of men and a protector of loved ones.

What I noticed when I was shopping for a car is the way I feel when it's obvious that some is not being geniune. For awhile I was looking into doing a reality show with a couple of other guys and a friend of mine and I referred to this third guy as " an agenda guy" meaning that he was always trying to get something and never was "just himself". If you want to feel this try shopping on Melrose sometime. The sales people will tell you whatever you try on looks good. There's another street like that in Miami where a sales girl tried to convince Tenmag that a shirt he was wearing looked good when his tuft of chest hair was sticking out and she added a gold star of David necklace.

Now the same way that we feel this when someone is tryig to manipulate us, women feel the same thing and when it is applied to the area of dating, it goes against everything they want to believe. Women want to believe in the idea of chemistry, that some guys they like and others nothing is there. This is not 100% the truth. There are definetly some women who you will get along with better than others, but the factors that cause attraction and sexual chemistry can be manufactored. That's not a pretty sentiment, but unfortunately it's the truth.

Women cannot feel that they are being made to be attracted to someone. They have to be able to live under the assumption that "It just happened".

There are a few ways to convey this to women:

1. Do EVERYTHING you say you are going to do. If you tell a women that you are going to do a stand uo show, show her the proof of it. The biggest key to convincing a woman you are honest is folow through. This is the reason that guys who live in their Mom's basements and play in garage bands can get girls for ONS but their relationships fall apart, you can only sell potential for so long.

2. Don't explain WHY you are doing anything. The right explanation is always "it felt like the right thing to do at the time." You never got a guidebook on how to be human, you just follow your emotions.

3. Prep her as to your intentions for the interaction. I now tell EVERY set that i am trying to get in their pants. By letting her know at some point that this will be a sexual interaction, you give her the freedom and choice to leave if she is not interested. But if she stays she has now consented to being sexual.



  1. Anonymous1:32 PM

    how do you actually say "i want to get in your pants"? do you convey or or flat out say it?

  2. Anonymous2:55 PM

    yeah and when do you say it? and what are contingincy responses to it?

    I would think that talking about perverted things and having sexual stories would have teh same kind of effect, maybe not as direct though. Is that right?


  3. I say it right after a compliment. Like

    "I think you are absolutely amazing, despite the fact that I am trying to get in your pants."

    They laugh.

    I have NEVER had a bad reaction to it.


  4. wow good stuff, I love honesty, and this makes it all the more valuable, I noticed something special about honesty in relation to women recently, but I think ur already ahead of me

  5. JimSmith > Contingencies to what?

    You are telling the truth, how's-what's-where-why should there be a contingency to that?

  6. Anonymous1:19 AM

    Nice line:

    You never got a guidebook on how to be human