Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I just got back from my day 2 with the Miami Stripper from here on referred to as HB perfect. She is AMAZING. Before tonight , I simply felt that she was the most beautiful woman I had ever met. Tonite I realized that she is also smart and sweet and as close to perfect as I ever thought Dino girl was.

Our D2 started at 2:30 Am after she got off work. It never escalated past hand holding, and it was the right call, as I do not want to just posses her body, I want to possess her entirely. I want her to be mine completely. I am not out to get laid with her, I am out to make her my GF and possibly more.. I have never had these kinds of thoughts about a woman this early, they are irrational I realize this. But she will be mine. We have connected at a level that I rarely connect with women on. It felt more like hanging out with a long lost best friend than it did a date.

We both travel far too much, and we both have horrible lifestyles, but I can’t imagine it not working. She feels it too, she constantly talks about how similar we are and how amazing I am. I see the same things in her. I want her to follow her dreams and enroll at FIDM, I want her to trust herself more and follow her dreams, but I can’t make her. I can’t do anything to force the situation nor will I try. She knows I leave for NY on Thursday and she is sad. I know she’ll be in Northern CA when I get back. It will be hard to make this work, but I’m faithful. I can’t be attached to the outcome as that would be the kiss of death, but I want to be.

I got a BJ in the bathroom from a girl I am seeing earlier tonight at a bar in Hollywood, I am seeing Shorty tomor, and V when I get to Dallas, I’m sure that NY and the Bootcamp there will lead to more women, but my thoughts will be of her. She has haunted me before strictly based on her looks, tonight she invaded me completely. I’m not in love, but I am infatuated with this woman, I’m not supposed to have these thoughts. Thoughts cloud action and stop me from stepping back and assessing the situation, yet tonight I cut threads and changed venues effortlessly, I got her home with me, but she had already mentioned how tired she was and how she had to get home, so I kicked her out while she was still checking out my place. I did not succomb to my biggest sticking point impatience, instead I chose solid game. There will come a time when we ravish each other, it just wasn’t tonight. And unlike other nights when I would have forced things I realized that the greater goal is making her mine. And tonight will go a long way toward making that happen.



  1. Anonymous5:57 AM

    Wow is right. Great game. Good luck and keep up posted.

  2. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Sinn, I'm happy for you. Don't wanna sound like a jackass or anything, but looks like it may be oneitis you're talking about here. Good luck and watch out :)

  3. Dude,

    I'm really happy things are going well with you and her. She was a hottie!


  4. crypticfox1:05 PM

    Wow man... congrats! This post is what it all boils down least to me. Everytime I go into a set, I hope the target is one of those girls that feels like a female version of me... a very rare occurance. Those select few girls where it's just automatically comfortable and things really do 'just happen.'

    It really is funny how approaching thousands of women, doing the same things over and over, can help you to fully appreciate uniqueness and individuality.

  5. Having seen her with my own two eyes I can ONLY imagine how devastating the effects must be if she also has a perfect personality.

    Men have brought nations to the brink of Armageddon over women of lesser beauty.

    ~ Captain Jack ~

    P.S. Hottest girl I've ever seen in the flesh.

  6. I don't know Sinn...I just don't know if you made the right choice of not going for the close.

    I HOPE you have because she sounds like the perfect girl for you homey.

  7. Thomas W.2:47 PM

    OMG, I'm happy for you. The best of luck!

    Could you show us a picture??

  8. No, I unfortunately will not be posting her picture, I won't be sharing her with the community.

    Captain Jack, Masters, Tenmag, and Future all saw her when we met at the strip club in Mia. That will have to do.


  9. Truth5:48 PM

    Somebody else posted the idea that this is oneitis. I think that's an over used phrase. For starters, you actually have something going with her already. There's a great book called "Getting The Love You Want" by Harville Hendrix, In short, we remember hurts more than pleasures, and the earliest memories are the most powerful. So whenever we meet someone who is lacking in the same qualities that we missed from our significant providers, we feel like we've known them all our lives, and a huge romantic attraction. Well, there's constructive advice in the book about how to find fulfillment from each other, rather than railing against each other that you aren't getting what you need from each other (which is of course why you felt such a keen recognition and attraction so quickly). The author argues that, while some would say that you should look for those that aren't missing what you so desperately need, what you can gain is that you both grow where you need to grow. I say that the heart what the heart wants, and as long as enough growth is possible, which is incidentally NLP and MM are all about, then go for it!

  10. truth5:55 PM

    It felt more like hanging out with a long lost best friend than it did a date.

    Check out Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples
    Harville Hendrix, In short, our earliest memories are our most powerful, negative memories and emotions are stronger than positive, and those that are closest to us make the greatest impression. So when you meet someone and feel that romantic, we've known each other our entire lives vibe, it's because they are missing all the same qualities you missed from your significant care providers. The author goes on with suggestions to figure out how to get a happy ending from there, and his reasons as to why it's a good thing to stay with someone with whom you both have to grow and develop yourselves in order for the relationship to work, and in fact that this is almost impossible to avoid.

  11. Yeah I don't think anything can be classified as one-itis if you are fucking other girls.

    So it's not one-itis as much as it's my jaded nature being broken down by a woman of both exceptional beauty and quality.

    I think it's a weird dynamic to assume that liking a girl a lot before you sleep with her is bad.

    I'm not attacking anonyomous, but I think it's dangerous to get too focused on simply getting laid. Especially with a girl like this. I don't want a one night stand with her. I want to have sex with her more than once and I don't want to make her go through LMR.

    The time frames were off last night. We were only like 3 hrs in. Way too soon to avoid LMR complely and I don't want her associating me with that because even if I get through it, that will taint the relationship.

    So I er on the side of patience and wait, she's sooo worth it. Ask any of my boys who met her.

    So instead of brute force, I am waiting and building tension, she is texting me constantly, and wants to see me again... so where is the downside?

    Anyway this is a reactive response and I apologize but I'm new at having a blog and getting attacked for liking a girl does piss me off. I'm not a PUA first, I'm a person. People fall for girls all the time. It really makes me want to make my blog less personal.

    Blah! I'm ranting.


  12. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Don't make your blog less personal -- personal is what makes it interesting. Thanks for posting, Sinn.

  13. To all of you guys who are being supportive, Thanks it means a lot especially now.


  14. Do what you want to do. Never excuse yourself. There should be only one reason you do anything...because you want to. Fuck everyone else. Don't feel obligated to give reasons why you did something or you want something.

  15. I hope you found my post supportive. I have been very vocal in my opinions as to this, and also with Savoy as to what's going on with MM, etc., and in my desire to share what I have found to work for me, as well as my honest evaluations, I was afraid that since I'm not there in person and not able to calibrate my statements as you react to them, I might have been too direct. It is necessary for people to get honest feedback, though, which is why there's the zen saying that sometimes your only true friend is your enemy (who will tell you the hurtful truths your 'friends' won't, thus leaving you blind to the cliff you are heading for). I am from the East Coast, and people say what they mean. Good Will Hunting captures it perfectly.

  16. Glad your happy Sinn.

    Just another offer of support. Best of luck.

  17. Sting8:31 AM

    >"Anyway this is a reactive response and I apologize..." Sinn

    this idea can easily be taken TOO far. a guy such as yourself - a respected leader in a field that has more than the average amount of hero worship/slanderous dislike - is going to get a lot of

    a)ass kissing

    tought job seperating them all out. and easy to confuse props for "usual asskissing" or suggestions for "usual provacative crap".
    thats your call. i'm not a fan of "ignore all questions" mode. soemtimes people really have an honest opinion that isn't 100% congruent with the other people's.
    in a nutshell - its cool to answer queries and further clarify. unless your short of time or think the "querer" is just going to keep on querying no matter what you say.

    i'm not a fan of the popular one-itis advice (check the forum for dozen examples) "one-itis, be a man, go fuck a dozen other girls"
    when a guy WHO HAS the OPTION of fucking whoever he wants to whenever he, wants to really falls for a single girl...props to the guy, props to the girl. there'll always be people who diss that as one-itis... nothing to be done about it. learn to live with it.