Thursday, January 25, 2007

Perfect Stripper update

So I have been getting tons of calls and texts from her and it's extremely on. The weird thing now that I have dated somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 strippers(all PU'd in strip clubs) is that she's either a really good actress or really awesome. I genuinely like her and don't need to fake interest which is really nice. She's sweet and funny and REALLY dorky, but overall the type of woman that I got into the game for. No drug problem,calls and texts when she says she's going to really smart... I'm honestly looking for the downside and not finding it.

So Future and I will be partying with her and her stripper friends next weekend. I was looking forward to having a nice relaxing weekend at home, but then she had to call and beg me to hang out with her and 4 other strippers, so it looks like I can sleep when I'm dead. I'm pretty excited to see her! And not just cause she's retina scorchingly hot, she's fun to talk to.


  1. Sinn,
    we don't know each other well enough for me to start joking around about the "O" word - so i won't. :)

    seriously - reading this, makes me smile. in a good way.

    i wanted to thank you for the wonderful thread on the forum the other day.


  2. Anonymous9:20 PM


    "seriously - reading this, makes me smile. in a good way."

    Ditto...this is exciting to hear. And as a girl the first thing that pops into my head is "Awwww! That's so awesome."

    And I don't think that this is One-i-tis because the girl (HB PERFECT) is really into you too (obviously).

    It sounds like the only "O" words that will be bounced around are going to be hers ("Oh...Ooohh....OOOhhhh")

    Good Job,
    Ana Renee

  3. Sting7:05 AM

    "It sounds like the only "O" words that will be bounced around are going to be hers ("Oh...Ooohh....OOOhhhh")"

    "...oh, oooh, ooohh, I love big pink teddy bears!"


  4. Anonymous1:06 AM


    You are a guy with a lot of experience...and I was all of that experience...have you come across or had problems with girls having STD's or is it really that prevalent that one needs to worry about it?


    T in SD

  5. Anonymous12:10 AM

    I was a stripper. funny, drug free, smart, intelligent, educated, hot , std free. I was a perfect girl but a stripper. i loved to party but I also loved intelligent conversations which i couldnt have with my stripper friends.There are girls like that they are good actresses but they need to be true someties too. I am not a dancer anymore because I wanted a relationship and nobody could have gotten over the fears that you have.Follow your gut, you might be having a girl that is worth more than you think.