Thursday, January 25, 2007

Song Lyric of the week with Captain Jack...

Captain jack and I have a new favorite song lyric from the M.I.Ms

Here' Cj's new signature

"This is why I'm hot; I'm hot cuz I'm ain't because you not..." by M.I.M.S. - the master of lyrical logic

I'm hot BECAUSE I'm FLY DUH!!!!!!



  1. Anonymous3:48 AM

    His logic is irresistible!

    There should be a name for it like: "Self Evident Logic" or something.

    "This is why I'm hot, I ain't gotta rap I sell a mill sayin' nothin'on a track"

    ~ CJ ~

  2. Ha just felt the same way , I heard the song for the first time a few weeks ago at a club, and just imagine
    all the girls screaming out the words
    and it feels soo right just saying it

  3. That song is the epitome of the cheesy, talent-less dribble that comes out of the music industry.

    ...Which is why it's the default song on my myspace profile. :D

  4. I've probably listened to this song 35 times in the past 3 days.