Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Product Review Double Your Dating

Hey guys,

Here's the second review in my series of reviews on community products;

DYD will always have a very special place in my heart, as it was the first thing that I ever read when i found "The Community".

David D has a TON of products and stuff now, but when I first started there was only the DYD book. The first time I read it I remember being overwhelmed by the information, there was soo much I was trying to remember. Upon reading it again recently, there were still some things that I want to remember to do:
1. answering any request a woman makes with no first,
2. focusing on making my character funny rather than the things I am saying
3. setting the overall frame that she is trying to pick me up

This book is also where the BEST date advice ever came from. The idea that everytime you go out with a woman, you shoud make her meet you at your place, show her around, not make a move on her then rush her out. The idea being that you get her comfortable seeing your place, so she will be comfortable going back there later.

The intro and evolutionary stuff in the begginng of the book is good, and gives a basic intro to some of the science behind attraction. The rest of the book is divided into some tactical stuff and some bigger picture concepts.

The best part of this book is the idea of "Cocky and Funny" as an attraction tool. And as far as attraction tools go, you will have difficulty finding much better ones. In fact "Cocky and Funny" has become so engrained in the general jargon of PUA terms that it's hard to remember that this is the book that started it all. It's also written in a very clear, precise and easy to understand style. It's a book you could give to a guy walking down the street and it would help him to attract women.

This really is one of the best starting off places for guys looking to improve their success with women and dating. It's also worth getting if you've been in the game awhile and want to brush up on some fundamentals. The best part is that the book is super affordable (19.95) so even if you only leanr one new thing, it's a bargain

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  1. smoothlatinkid4:01 AM

    It's interesting how DYD is always the first intro to the community---it was mine as well.

    Do you think it's because David has marketed it in a very mainstream way, where people that are first considering buying a product (which is a huge step, because you are basically DOCUMENTING that you need/want help) feel less self-conscious about doing so?

    I also concur that the first few chapters are crucial and classic. Adopting the ideas that YOU ARE THE PRIZE, to GO EASY ON YOURSELF because it takes TWO YEARS just to get good at really opened my eyes.

    The caveat would be that cocky/funny is a seasoning---not the meal. I went a bit overboard when I was first using it.

    After DYD, I went to Swinggcat and then to Mystery.

    DYD was like Dean Smith at North Carolina. The VAH was Phil Jackson with the Bulls.

    I supplemented with Swinggcat (basic and great), Juggler (a fucking NINJA--THAT manual is the one most worth re-reading--and mainly for advanced guys), and Carlos Xuma (inner game --- work EVERY muscle.)

    Can't wait to read the rest of the series, Sinn.

  2. Sting5:21 AM

    its a good book - especially to get started on.
    David D -
    a)reaches out to more non-community people than anyone, which is testament to his marketting prowess. (as evidenced by his quoted mailing list of over a million)

    b)most of these people are still of the "convince a girl to like you" and "buy a womans affections" viewpoint, without quite being able to articulate these philosophy (I can speak for myself here, and probably a lot of other people)

    c) david d. hammers away at the basic mindset changes that are the base for success in the entire PU world (including non-community). ideas like - Attraction isn't a choice and Stop caring what women think of you... from a newbies perspective, this is a lot easier to take in then say MM, which is so vast that if you don't already have these ideas down pat, your better of coming back after you do.

    d) C & F is just affective flirting, and most people don' know how to work that.

    still the best thing for beginners, David D, and happy to show them the doorway to more advanced stuff once he's done for them what he can.