Sunday, January 14, 2007

Why I should never bet with Savoy

So I lost my bet with Savoy about the Colts scoring less than 10 points, so with out further ado here is my essay about how Peyton Manning is not actually that bad, he just gets in the playoffs and plays better teams in bad weather. In fact Peyton has put up some of the most impressive displays of offense in the playoffs. In fact against notable powerhouse Defense Kansas City this year he ONLY threw 3 interceptions, while completing 30 of 38 passes for 0 touchdowns. But hey only 8 incompleteions.

Manning has been markedly improved this year as evidenced by the 1 touchdown and 5 interceptions thrown this year. The Cots are 2-0 carried on the backs of manning's impressive 39.6 QB rating against Baltimore and 40 something rating against the Chiefs. Certainly some of the most impressive wins for a team whose quarterback was resembling Danny Wuerfull(former Heisman trophy winner) not in college but in the pros.

In fact never has a quarterback been so domainant since Savoy destroyed me at rock , paper, scissors. If you read the OAP(which is awesome) you will have heard about our epic opening exercise, where we opened a ton of sets while playing rock, paper scissors for drinks. Well Savoy won handidly. I fact the only thing that Savoy is better than RPS than is picking up blondes. He is a GOD among men and will be remebered, not just for his dorky board game skills or his Work-aholicness, but for his RPS skills.

Manning has been extremely clutch this weekend with his 0% percent success rate in the red zone. In fact his 39.6 passer rating was still 39.6 points higher than Rex grossman's game aginst Green Bay and Grossman finds himself in the NFC championship. Therefore I think it's safe to CLEARLy state that Peyton Manning is better than Rex Grossman... in the regular season.

So in conclusion I was wrong and Peyton Manning has showed what he is REALLY made of this past two weekends. He has shown the poise of Tom Cruise on Day time TV, the strength of Gary Coleman, and the vision of Ray Charles. Now as long as he doesn't have to play the Patriots he is assured of his first Super Bowl appearence. And I for one can't wait.. Oh the Patriots beat the Chargers... Well better luck next year Peyton. But I have surely learned my lesson and will not bet with Savoy again.. atleast until i'm back in LA.



  1. Anonymous12:00 PM

    You two are too cute...

  2. This is just funny. :D

  3. you dont know nething about football!!!!! aaaaaaaaah!!!!
    go savoy

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    your link to Future's blog is off sinn. redo it.

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    ur link to future's blog is off sinn.