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Top 10 End Game Mistakes

My buddy In10se wrote this gold post quite awhile ago and I thought I'd share it... Plus my brain may actually be floating in alcohol this morning as I sit in the Vegas airport...

IN10SE's top 10 End Game mistakes

1) Bad Logistics

One guy I used to know would go out and say, "I'm going to get
laid tonight!" And then we'd get to the club and he'd go home to
his parents house - I told him, "Now exactly where are you going to
do this? And do you have condoms - ON you, and if a woman were to
walk up to you right now and want to have sex with you, would you be
ready?" - Uhhh? was his answer.

The point is, if you WANT success, you have to be READY for it.
Now, when I want to get laid, I have a framework of how I want it
to happen. Sure- it can be spontaneous and I have to have some
flexibility built in, but one of the keys to End Game is Isolation
and not just that, but logistics ALREADY in place for every
Isolation scenario that you could come up with.

2) Triggering her automatic responses

Now all chicks have an automatic response for a guy getting
physical with them - It's just something that's BUILT IN - through
evolution to protect their productive resources. And when you think
about it, they HAVE to have this in place because then they would
end up a being a HO or be pregnant their whole lives!

So what are the typical triggers? I'll list a couple:

- When a guy gets too sexual too fast
- When a guy stops "talking" and just goes into LUST mode before
she does
- When she get the feeling that a guy just wants her for SEX or
just sees her
as an object
- When a guy goes straight for the crotch -most of the time at
- When a guy seems too eager to get down her pants
- When a guy seems sneaky and dishonest

You get the point. The key is to go slow, keep talking to her, be
suggestive without being overtly sexual, and wait until SHE goes
first with being physically sexual.

3) They engage her logical mind

Just imagine this: you're on the couch with a chick, maybe watching
a movie or talking, and you start to notice the VIBE as the sexual
tension is building. You know that it COULD be GAME ON if you play
your cards right... Now what do a lot of guys do? They get all
nervous at this point and start talking about GUY stuff... LOGICAL
stuff like work, school, analyzing this and that... BIG mistake!

You want her logical mind OFF at this point. Don't say or DO
anything that could engage her logical mind. You don't want her
solving MATH while you're trying to get her in bed!

The focus should be on the FEELINGS. Get her arousal AMPED UP.
Build the sexual tension. In my book, I go into depth on how to
build this using a PROPULSION mechanism - and for those of you that
don't know what that is, it's a motivational system where you have
both PUSH from avoiding pain and PULL from pursuing pleasure.

4) They don't build up the comfort enough

A woman will RARELY get physical with a guy that she's not
comfortable with. You need to build up the comfort and rapport
before you go into END GAME. When you hear a chick say, "But I
hardly know you!" - Then you know you need more comfort building!

5) They take the first sign of resistance as failure

Now, not all chicks will go to bed with you the first
time you make your move. Most of the times, chicks need REPEATED
attempts where you FLIRT with her comfort zone.

You know, every woman has a comfort zone - a line where things go
from being Rated "R" to being rated "X". And if you push that line
too much, it may shut her down - so FLIRT with that line.

When she offers resistance, PULL BACK. And I'm talking ANY
resistance - and I pull WAY back and go back into comfort building

Then as I approach that line again, I can come that much CLOSER to
that line until I have to pull back again. As this may be repeated
several times, you get that much closer and closer to her comfort
zone line until before she knows it, you're doing the horizontal

6) Guys follow THEIR OWN automatic responses and don't make the
bold move

You know that ONE POINT in the date, where you know it could go one
way or the other. And you know that what you do at that point could
MAKE or BREAK the seduction? Have you guys been there? I have - too
many times, but I've learned something.

Too many times before I would just GO WITH THE FLOW...
and to tell you the truth - that's just not conducive to seduction!

How many times have you been over at a womans house... it's late
at night and you can tell that it could be "Game On", and then she
tells you, "It's getting late... I should go to bed" and you say,
"Ok... well I enjoyed hanging out with you... and I'll talk to you

Then as you hear the door shut you're wondering where you went
wrong... you could be in BED with her right NOW!

So how do you get over this? Well first of all, be AWARE of your
automatic responses and hers as well. And know that you can use
whatever a woman gives you. Like in the example above, what if you
were to say... "Go to bed?! But I hardly know you! I'm not that
easy... but I could be if you gave me a massage!"

So you see how you need to interrupt the auto-response! And humor
works best followed up with a suggestive comment.

7) They don't focus on the moment

At this phase in the Game, a lot of guys are in their
own heads and not focusing on the moment. They may be thinking of
the last pattern to use or what to say next... but to tell you the
truth - at this stage in the game, you need to throw those out
and focus on getting her to FEEL in the MOMENT. This is where
seduction happens!

And you want to get her associated into the moment as well by
getting her to FEEL (including body feelings). The thing about
FEELINGS is that they draw a person into the moment. Like when
someone is angry for instance - and they can't think about anything
else... or when someone feels pain - that's VERY real in the
moment. The same goes for feeling pleasure and for feeling AROUSED

8) They think that the woman will lead them by the hand

At this stage in the game, even women that seem sexually aggressive
will want the MAN to take action first. One chick that I was with
said she wanted a guy that was "Confident". I asked her, "So how do
you know when a guy is confident?" She said, "When he's able to do
with me what I really want him to do without me telling him
how to do it."

When you get certain "buying signals" from a woman, you need to
close QUICKLY. Now not all buying signals are equal. For example, a
suggestive flirtatious smile when you offer to massage her is much
different then when she pulls her pants down and bends over! Let
your buying signals tell you how quickly to move...

9) They're attached too much to the outcome

One thing that women have radar for is "Neediness". In fact a guy
who's willing to walk AWAY from her has more power than she does in
the "negotiation".

Instead of focusing on the outcome (the home run) ,
focus a little on the process - but mostly be in the MOMENT.

If a woman does a take away from you and you don't respond... it
tells her that YOUR can control and it communicates that YOU have
CHOICE. - After all, how many guy would actually decline an offer
of sex from an attractive woman? And if she senses that
you would - then you've upped your value in her eyes... as well as
made yourself a challenge for her!

10) They go too fast and out of her "sequence" without amping up
the desire enough

Remember, building desire is about building the sexual
tension. Take time to let her get her buying temperature up. Tease
her, play hot/cold, FLIRT with her comfort line (the line where
things go from being rated R to being rated X) until SHE crosses it.

And go the typical "physical" sequence unless she gives you
resistance - in which case you pull back to Mid Game, then as you
go back into End Game, you test again at the NEXT higher level.

Thanks In10se...

I'm going to go back to hating alcohol for now...


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  1. Anonymous2:32 PM

    You posted: "You know, every woman has a comfort zone - a line where things go
    from being Rated "R" to being rated "X". And if you push that line
    too much, it may shut her down - so FLIRT with that line."

    What exactly qualifies as rated "R" talk? And how do you juggle the comfort line?


    p.s. this post was awesome