Sunday, January 21, 2007

Double LR on the inflatable mattress on the floor of the dirty Pirate Pad.

So I'm in Dallas teaching Strippers and Hired Guns and Day game. And I'm sick as hell....

I finish the DG program on Saturday around 6 and head to grab a bite with CJ and Fidelio(Who might be the funniest guy ever). We eat chill out for a bit before we head to uptown. We go to two venues that are packed, but no real attracive sets. We stand around a bit and we keep getting bumped as everyone and their moms is trying to move around in a bar designed for about 200 people with 600 in it. We decide to bounce. CJ is already tipsy despite the fact that he was supposed to be staying sober.

We decide to go to a bar on the outskirts of Dallas. Not a great venue as it was a little loud and WAY too crowded. It was so crowded that i literally started to feel claustraphobic, I started to feel really smushed together and weird. it was majorly affecting my state. So I finally move to an area of open space over by the dance floor in front of the live music. CJ goes into set, but I'm still way too uncomfortable. It was a really really weird feeling. I stand around like a spare dick at a wedding for a couple more minutes until I see a 2 set wander a few feet away from me.

A word on how I was dressed as opposed to the rest of the dallas chodes in Striped shirts. I was wearing fairly normal clothes a blazer with spray-painted skulls, a pink tee and some jeans. But I have the most powerful haircut in the game. The Mo-hullet. Half mohawk, half mullet, all gangster. So I stand out a little bit. Despite the fact that there are at least 5 other guys who have mullets, but theirs are for real, not hip and irreverent, like mine.

I open the 2 set and I run absolutely no routines after the opener. the target Big_uns is asking me how old I am, and I tell her 24, she's 34. WTF? I had NO clue, she looked about 24 and had made a comment earlier about how she and her friend had known each other since college, but it wasn;t that long ago... I go straight into claibration game, no routines. I simply ask afc questions and based on her answers I IOI, IOD, or DHV. I try to run CJ's strawberry fields, but I sense that I am losing her so I switch back to asking questions and making statemnts. I try to bring fidelio in to work the obstacle, but he opts out. CJ was in set, but suddenly I see the Long Dong Silver pull into port and CJ comes in to instantly isolate the obstacle, leaving me in isolation. Nice.

Side note there were quite a few students there last night including Priest and another guy from the Austin program. it was good to see you guys again. Keep working on your game guys, both of you have a ton of potential. Sorry i didn't say hi, I was pretty freaked out most of the night and then I was in set. I owe you both a beer next time.

So I make-out with her, and start thinking logisitics, earlier tonight CJ and I had a conversation about how none of us want to time-bridge as I live in LA, CJ hates driving and Fidelio lives like an hour away. So we start planning the pull. CJ comes back with the obstacle and I hear mention of an after hours place. So it's on. We pull the girls out, send Fidelio back to the pirate pad with the car and get into the most disgusting car I have ever seen a girl drive. My girl was 5'3 and she could not sit straight because there was soo much shite in the back seat of her car.

CJ's girl's blood sugar or soemthing got low so we had to head to CVS, they both run in and I start escalating in the backseat. They come back as I have my hand down her pants. Whoops. We start heading to the after hours place, but on the way CJ(the master of the pull) starts a brillant campaign. He says " Let's stop by my place and pick up some alcohol, cuz they stop serving at 2 but they let you bring you're own until 4." So we now head the 30 minutes to the pirate pad.

BTW the pirate pad was in complete disarray as I have been staying on an inflatable mattress on the floor. and have my clothes in my suitcase as you head inside. So we get inside and the girls go to the bathroom, then I throw on an episode of the office and we settle into the couch and love seat respectively. About 30 mins in CJ isolates to his bedroom, and i start escalating on the couch, until we almost fall off. Relocate to the inflatable mattress. Which is not made for 2. I get her pants off and encounter LMR. Great, my NY's resolution is that I no longer deal with LMR so I just start to "take care of myself" and when I'm done I cuddle with her and go to sleep. I wake up a half hour later and decide I'll try to reinitiate. I go to the bathroom to wash my hands, and as I'm in there I hear CJ's girl come out and ask my girl if she wants to stay. She does, so I assum it is O-N. I go back start kissing her back and bada-bing bada boom it's over. I do not reccomend having sex on an inflatable mattress as it's not really the most stable surface or comfortable. Funny side note- CJ's girl goes into the bathroom while we are doing the deed in broad view and my girl wants to stop, then as soon as the light goes back off she jumps me.

Meanwhile after we finsih I hear the springs on CJ's bed making the loudest noises I have ever heard in my entire life. I may be moving to Dallas so this could be the first of many double lays from me and the good captain. I never really write LR's but I though this one was interesting as a study of how you can overcome bad logistics(long drive, dirty house, no real bed,) by having a strong frame and moving forward congruently. It was also funny to bang a girl on the inflatable mattress. Really funny considering that she was not some 21 year old... Overall an enjoyable night.

In fact the only static that i had in the entire set was when i attempted to do some half ass advanced comfort and the girl did not buy it. To which i responded that i can't be nice to her and proceded to tell her she smelled and was gross. HA!


  1. Was she Asian? WAS SHE ASIAN?
    At first I suspected she was a ninja.
    It turns out she was just a beautiful Korean girl.

    Best part? The opener was essentially a total eclipse of the choad. The dude was pecking in and obviously trying to impress them. Then I heard the magic words: "... And I just got a raise at work."

    I swooped in on her left side, sat in the chair beside her, and I didn't face her as I opened, "Hey. Explain to me why the cutest girl at the bar is the most bored girl I've ever seen."

  2. Anonymous2:27 PM

    That was the funniest lay report i have ever read

    Can you please upload a picture of the most powerful haircut in the game?

    Much respect

  3. sounds like she wanted to get laid that night too.

    Good thing you calibrated my bro pulled a hottie when he was in dallas and his game consists of questions and statements.

    My bro can't pull a same night at his college here in GA though and can barely pull 7's in general round these parts.

  4. I will post a picture of te MO-Hullet as soon as I charge my camera.

    It will change your life.

    Try not look at the picture alone


  5. A SS (Sinn Standard) LR. Nothing remarkable .... until the end.

    "In fact the only static that i had in the entire set was when i attempted to do some half ass advanced comfort and the girl did not buy it."

    That catches the Kid's attention.

    The report reads like she and her friend were out for a SNL/ONS.

    From the EXTREMELY LITTLE I know of Advanced Comfort it seems designed to create a feeling in the woman that the PUA has a true intention of building a very powerful and pervasive relationship with her over time.

    That's not exactly what a woman on the prowl (with a live-in boyfriend/husband back home) looking for some quick thrills wants to experience.

    She didn't want any part of that frame?

    Or am I just guessing out of my hind-quarters?

  6. Kidd- the reason it didn't work is that i waas not really selling it. I wasn't really into her that much and I was being really ambigous with my IOIs. Like you're smart and sexy. Not exactly something that is a unique glimpse into her soul.

    it was sloppy game, IME there is nothing in AC that stops you from doing SNL, in fact when you hit it right the girl will actually take you through the steps faster.

    Hope that helps.


  7. Haha.

    Yeah, that helps me a LOT, seeing as it was sloppy game (by your own definition) and I have no idea what you're doing in AC that would accelerate the pull to a SNL.

    If AC is Comfort on steroids (Future's definition) I would expect it to reduce substantially,
    the 6.5 hours needed for standard comfort before sex.

    And the woman will be the one pulling the sarge faster towards consummation.

    How does the grounding routine interlace with AC, if it does?

    I really hate you more today than I did yesterday.

    When do you all plan to release product?

  8. Grounding routine is huge as it establishes you're purpose in life and the steps you have taken over time to pursue that goal.

    We still have to do the AC seminar and film it before we can start talking dates for the release. I'd guess around late March, but I base that on absolutely nothing.


  9. Anonymous3:41 PM

    That was so weird to see you guys in the venue... While scanning the field for targets I saw this flash of yellow hair and thought to myself, "wouldn't that be weird if Sinn and CJ were here..."

    Then that big dude yall were with turned around and faced me and I recognized him from the seminar, then I saw you behind him, and CJ behind you. It was really good seeing you guys again.

    I don't blame yo for wanting to move to Dallas... that trip was so bad ass that it had me thinking about moving too. I had forgotten how much I love that city. It's like the LA of Texas.

    Great LR bro, see you around


  10. Fidelio5:30 PM


    Thanks for trying to bring me into that set. Sorry to let you down, I was just too alpha for approaches that night.

    Plus, by me not actually "working" that night it allowed me to practice my car game. And by car game I mean the guy who drives the car back to the Pirate Pad(tm) because he's not getting laid that night.

    Oh, and I'm glad you took your HB off of the couch and onto that skanky twin mattress on the floor because nobody fucks on CJ's couch but me!! Specifically, the left cushion, because I'm left-handed.

    CJ gets his bed, I get the couch and you get the floor. That's a little thing I like to call logisticization.

    Rock on.