Tuesday, January 30, 2007

10 things I like.

I was catching up on Savoy's blog(check the link in my side bar) and he posted about 10 things he liked, so I though I would follow the leader and post 10 things I like.

1. The Office. This is the first show in FOREVER I look forward to. I'm on the road every week, so I have an Itunes subscription. It is amazing, the acting is top notch(seriously they say more with looks than most dialogue says) I feel like I know the characters, and i really want Jim and Pam to get together. Plus it's hilarious, and I think Steve Carrell actually is that big of a dork or is the best actor of our generation.

2. Future. He's more than my best friend, he's the person I look to for moral support and I hope that he feels the same way. he really is more like a brother than a friend.

3. My TV- I bought a really big 42 inch flat screen and I fantasize about it while I'm on the road.

4. Bill Simmons Sports guy columns on ESPN.com. If you like sports and pop culture and you're not reading this you should kill yourself, or start reading it. Whatever is less messy.

5. My clothes. I have spent the better part of 2 years and unknown thousands of dollars to develop a wardrobe where I literally do not have time to wear all the stuff I like. It's awesome and I'm ALWAYS the best dressed person in a room.

6. Reading. I have really gotten back on the reading wagon and finished "The Romantic's Manifesto" and am halfway through Freakonomics. I'm also coming home to like 50 Amazon.com books.

7. Casino Royale- Best Bond movie EVER! it's awesome! Daniel Craig should be the final James Bond.

8. Jay-z. I've been re-listening to the black album and both the blueprints and they are the shit! I'm pretending like Kingdom Come never happened.

9. Students who get GOOD. A student who calls himself Beowolf used my day game stuff to nab himself a REALLY hot miss America pageant contestant. That makes me feel like I'm not sacrificing advancing my life for nothing.

10. Savoy,Tenmag,TheDon, the rest of the guys who I feel honored to be able to call friends, and who without the community, I would still be lucky to know. I really appreciate all of them and I count that as the MOST important thing the commuity ever gave me. Not the scores of girls or bathroom BJS.



  1. yeah the office is seriously awesome. it's the only show i watch really, aside from family guy sometimes. i too download it because i'm usually out when it airs.

    Plus i think Pam is adorable. seriously she's not super hot or whatever but gawd, she's awesome i <3 her.

    also you should check out the British version of the office. i was able to obtain it off the "internet" and it's pretty baller. it's def different humor, but bitchen nonetheless.

  2. Yeah I have seen and do like the British office. Haven't seen season 2.


  3. Bill Simmons does indeed rule. Incidentally, if you like football and comedy, you should check out www.tonyhomo.com, especially if you followed the Cowboys at all this season. It's funniest if you start from the first post.

    -Massive Damage

  4. Anonymous3:04 AM

    The American Office is an insult to the original English version; it's as if they had to 'dumb down' the humour. It's the same reason why Jimmy Carr never made it big over there.
    Disclaimer: This is obviously an opinion rather than fact.

  5. Beowulf1:28 PM

    Yur day game stuff was excellent Sinn, and every guy should learn it to avoid that horrible feeling of seeing a woman you want to meet walk off without having said anything to her. Small correction: she's not a beauty pageant contestant, she just looks like ms. universe (Indian chick). She is too proud to model and thinks they're all dumb whores. Rock on!

  6. Sinn,

    I was wondering if you could recommend some off-beat clothing shops in L.A. I remember seeing you at the Dr. Phil thing, and your style was really unique. Not looking to clone; I'm thinking about designing some clothes, and I'd like to check out some of the more interesting/unique styles when I get back from Buenos Aires (for purchase/ideas). A point in the right direction would be appreciated. Who knows... maybe you'll be rocking my rags in the future. Enjoying the blog...


  7. Anonymous7:37 PM

    What about Mystery?