Saturday, January 27, 2007

Doing a bootcamp while dying of the plague.

Every year i've been doing the teaching thing, I get a really bad nagging cough that no DR can explain for like 6 weeks. Last year it started in Tampa around christamas and lead through Valentine's Day.

This year it started in Phoenix about a month ago. Tonight stomach pain, heaaches and the spins decided to joing mid-bootcamp. it's really fun doing bootcamp for 2 hours while trying not cough so hard it gives you a headache. i seriously felt like my brain was rattling around in my skull as I try to not throw up or faint from the cough. It's great fun I highly reccomend it. Then like an Idiot I had a cigarette. I swear sometimes I think I'm a really really closet Masochist. He says as he reaches for another peanut butter cup. Nothing cures mucus like butter and Choclate.

I say it lingers because of my lifestyle, but recently I have decided that it lingers duw to my stubborness in living my life even with the cough. Lawgirl asked me if it was from smoking, the girl I did in Dallas never mentioned it, I even had it on my day2 with perfect. I just laugh it off. I have too much shit to do to let a cough knock me out for two days. I spend too much time in airports to lose a free day to bed and cough medicine. Fuck that shit. I eat what I want cuz I wanna eat it, I go out cause I like to, I drink and smoke because I enjoy it and if a big meteor hits the fucking Earth tomor, I'll be happy I had that cigarette. I don't have time to be sick. Let people who aren't busy get sick, Anything that I can cope with, I will. It's way better than the alternative. Sitting in bed for two days then having to do a bootcamp....shudder. My days are off are the reason I work and they come few and far between. So there's no way I'm gonna lose any of them unless I physically can not stand. Then I 'll take a day off, but I probably would have my laptop. My next act of genius is gonna be snowboarding in no snow gear at night with a cough. I'llbe going downhill in my jeans and a blazer bitches. Hopefully get some chills, maybe hypothermia. Then I can say i taught a bootcamp with hypothermia, and that's a good story.



  1. Sinn,

    Hot and sour soup is good for mucus. Find the best Chinese place you can (the more old-Chinese men in the place the better).

    Also look into voice lessons (for actors/entertainers). It will not only help your bootcamp career, it will help your comedy career and who knows, you may meet HB14 at the lessons.

    If you're going to be using your voice as much as you do, you need to protect. Ask Future, he acts right?

    Hope you feel better,
    Ana Renee

  2. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Yeah, cigarettes immobilize the cilia which, with a sweeping motion beat the mucus upward toward your mouth, where you can either swallow or spit it out.

    Maybe you're a weird spin of that chick in Tom Green's daddy-would-ya-like-some-sausage movie.

    Anyway, enjoy the crash bio lesson fucktard!!

  3. Anonymous10:41 AM

    "Also look into voice lessons (for actors/entertainers). It will not only help your Boot Camp career, it will help your comedy career and who knows, you may meet HB14 at the lessons."

    Ana... no disrespect intended but, who do you think you are talking to? PUA's pioneered stuff like that. Anything self improving that might help meet and attract women... We have been there, done that, and we have the t-shirt to prove it. Example - I signed up for Yoga next week!


    Everyone gets sick this time of year but your lifestyle makes it impossible for you to get over.

    1) While you are busy taking cough drops like they are going out of style consider this... There are two types of cough drops. Ones that suppress the cough, and ones that force you to cough up all the mucus and bullshit. Make sure they have Zinc in them. This will raise your immunity. Have that big glass of OJ (Vitamin C) in mornings.

    2) Also, go the Drug Emporium or Walgreens, or GNC (anywhere with a large selection of vitamins) and get on a Coral Calcium. They mine that shit off the coast of Okinawa but coral Calcium oxygenates the blood... a virus can't live in an a high oxygen environment. It will die.

    3) Hydrate!!! I carry around a big jug of water with me where ever I go. It really helps with everything. You would be amazed at everything that can go wrong if you are dehadrated. But you are a Personal Trainer so I am probably telling you stuff you already know.

    Other than that bro, I love your outlook on being sick. Your dedication to what you do, is in my opionion what separates you from the rest of the mPUA's in the community. That and you just know more shit than them :D


  4. Opera singers, and other kinds of singers too, know how to project from their diaphragm, and can fill a theater. If you learn how to do this properly, you won't blow your voice out, and you'll be even louder.

  5. I feel ya.

    I've been doing bootcamps almost non-stop weekly and about once a month I'll come down with a cold or something.

    I remember having a fever during a Vegas program and just soldiering on every day and night four times straight. And I was popping anti-fever Aspirin/Ibuprofrin and those anti-mucus-snot-running-out-your-nostril inhalants.

    I also drink, smoke, and engage in other forms of debauchery that would lay low other mortal men. Live fast, die young, and leave a pretty corpse.

    My own words of advice is drink enough Nyquil on the plane to pass out. That's where most of the nasty shit comes out to do the tango on your immune system.

  6. Anonymous3:14 PM

    I cough too. I've seen someone that gave me a psychological explanation for the coughing. Let me share it here if it can help.

    coughin is sometimes a reaction you have when people enter your intimate space. They enter the air around you and the psychological reaction to that is blocking the air ---> coughing. You cough because you don't really allow them to enter your intimate space. Why?
    Probably because you don't want them to see you are not perfect, and because you don't want to do any mistake. Also because you see other people as different entities from you. They are not, look at them with compassion.
    Then the coughing will stop.

  7. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Chug some 'tussin, cold and flu.
    I drank a bottle and it cured everything for 16 hours.

  8. Anonymous8:33 AM

    guaifenesin is the substance that loosens phlegm so you cough it up. It's the active ingredient in Robitussin. Amazon carries it in tablet form. It's cheap. Drink tons of water when taking it and the crap just comes up.