Thursday, January 04, 2007

Girlfriend wish list....

I have always felt that knowing what you want is the first step to getting it.

At every Program I teach, one of the first questions I ask students is " What do you want your lifestyle to look like in a year?"

I think it's a really important question and equally important IMO is knowing waht you want in a woman. I wrote a list like 2 years ago on Mystery's Lounge that looked like this

I'll comment on this as I go:

Must be :
5'3-5'10 no taller 5'10 feels really tall, she would have to be smoking. I love short girls.
Atleast C cup boobs- This won't ever change.
Good teeth- a given. I'm really detail oriented about looks and chipped gross teeth kill me
Blonde,brunette or redhead- I prefer redheads with freckles
in amazing shape
Great ass
Nice lips
Preferably blue or green eyes
Belly button ring
Pierced tongue
Lower back tattoo
small hands
Slutty hot

Must be :

Non-dramatic- I generally don't get much drama

Fun- I'd change this to can have fun wherever she is. Or comes up with fun ideas

Non needy- I like a little neediness these days.

Have her own life and friends- Yeah I never date girls who have a whole lot of friends. Probably because I almost exclusively date strippers and go-go dancers.

Smart- Not a requirement, I like smart girls, but too smart can lead to problems

Sarcastic-Totally! I love girls who use and get sarcasm, if a girl can make me laugh with a one liner at someone else I'm sold.

Funny- For sure, life is too short to be around people who don't make you laugh

Non flaky- So true, I'm really flaky so someone has to be responsible if we are gonna see each other.

Bi-curious-Not as much anymore, been there,

Adventurous(slutty in girl terms)- I would call this sexually adventurous rather than using the S word as I did originally. High sex drive and a willingness to experiment is a hiuge turn on to me. Probably to every guy, but I digress.

Sexually confident and competent- My last LTR in SD was GORGEOUS and TERRIBLE in bed. I'm not a sex coach I hate teaching girls what to do.

A good friend- Being a good friend conveys a lot of positive things, plus it shows she can take care of people, and commit. I don't trust girls who have known their "best friends" less than 2 years.

Loyal- Yeah for a gf she better be. In a girl I'm seeing all I want is a matched level of loyalty, but to make that leap to GF status I need to come first.

Not a name dropper or interested in petty status or money issues- 2 years later i'm still casually fucking the girl I wrote this about.

Not poor- Irrelevant now

Not overly religious- Could be annoying but as long as she's hot I can prolly deal

A good cuddler- Yeah especially knowing when are appropriate times to cuddle and when it's time to sleep.

Friendly- I'm more into sweet and considerate than friendly, but yeah ideally she should be friendly to people until they fuck

Ok with weird peple and situations- No I don't like weird people either

Not in a sorority- Yeah I gotta say this was a good call. Wish I had followed it closer.

Cooks and cleans- Eh, I like doing both of those for myself, it makes me feel productive

Not validation seeking- I want her to seek my validation constantly, I like girls who are always trying to do better with me.
One of the girls I'm seeing in LA is awesome at this, without coming across insecure.

Works out on her own- Or with me, I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE a girl gym partner. That needs to happen this year.

And now some new ones:

Gets my jokes! Girls not understanding my humor(not thinking it's funny, even though it's hilarious)makes me want to kill Jesus.

Interesting- I really hate having to be the interesting one all the time.

High Sex-Drive- Self explanatory

Equally comfortable going to a club and having fun as they are making it a blockbuster night

Doesn't pressure me to do anything

Doesn't do coke...everyday- I'm down with partying but I can't deal with a drug addict

Comfortable with being taken care of- I am a strange archtype as I am really dismissive, but I take really good care of girls and i enjoy that, but because I am sooo dismissive I have a lot of girls that won't let me take care of them and it's annoying.

Takes REALLY good care of me- Basically just means that they want to make me happy.

Wants to see me A LOT! When i find a girl I'm really into, it's really hard to limit to once a week so she doesn't become my GF, I want it to be hard on her too, I'll stop one step short of saying that I want a girl to be obsessed with me, but I definetly hate feeling like I'm chasing a girl. Especially post-sex.

Has some sort of nerdy hobby- I love having running jokes. And I think it's cute.

Must say things that make me gush and scream " You"re Adorable"- I need those moments.

Good Kisser- Man I hate bad kissers

Man I really am picky!

Oh well I'm worth it.

Post your lists guys, commit to doing this to really figure out what you want and how to get it this year!



  1. I'm interested in your reasons for not dating sorority girls. You know what I notice when I talking to a sorority girl (and my old roommate when dated one a year ago), they say "I really don't like the sorority, I am so different from them"

    Even though I consider sorority girls are like society machines^5 power, what is your reason for not liking them?

  2. whoa, that is a LONG list. Not all of them I agree with either, but each to their own! World be a boring world if everybody liked exactly the same.

  3. Hi Sinn,

    Love the blog. I'll be taking a boot camp with you in Vancouver, and your excercise made me think.

    Do you want to know anything about us before we get there (what we think our sticking points are, etc) or would you rather start with your own fresh outlook?

    Also, is there anything we should do to 'prepare' that will help us get the most out of the experience?

  4. Bigsend,

    Sorority girls are generally really superficial and super obsessed with social status. Two things I really don't like. they also have a lot of commitments that take time away from me.


    I would rather start with a clean slate, but I would totally reccomend going out and doing as many approaches as youc an before Vancouver.


  5. Phrenzy2:39 PM

    Apparently, Glamrock isn't dead.

  6. AWESOME post Sinn. My desires very much mirror yours. I initally wanted an independent not clingy girl who would let me have my life. Now, I find I want someone a little needy who really digs me. Once a week isn't enough for my current girl. I really dig her!

    Thanks, Man.

  7. Hm, I might say something like: attractive and enable to indulge my creative side. Granted I'm less of the "planner" type than others... there is some expected variance between people. But your list is downright control-freakish by every normal definition of the term. Are you looking for a relationship, or just to purchase a shrink-wrapped girl at a store?
    Ok, ok, maybe to some degree you're just being realistic. If C cup is a show-stopper than it is what it is, I suppose. I may have more of those must-haves than I'm always willing to admit. But still. Some people at least pay lip service to having higher ideals.