Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cool shit to do in OZ...

I'm gonna be doing a program in Sydney(March 2-4th) and a program in Melbourne(Mar9th-11th) and I would love to find out if there is anything that I HAVE to do while I'm in the land down under..



  1. Cheshire Cat9:44 AM

    Hey Sinn, recently did a London bootcamp with London Playboy and Sheriff - awesome blog!

    Have been working out in Sydney and Melbourne recently and moving out permanently in March. Unfortunately I won't be there when you are or I'd have booked a private session on day game - will email about that separately!

    Anyway, cool stuff as a tourist in Oz... You need to get out on to Sydney Harbour - it really is like nowhere else on earth. Sunshine, water and two of the greatest icons - the Opera House and the Bridge. Being out on the water on the back of a boat is really special. If you can find a rich party girl with a yacht so much the better.

    The Hunter Valley I liked, but you are near the California wine region I guess so not much point! If you do go, hit Pietersens cellar door at 4.50 on the dot. They close at 5 and will lock you in, giving you all the unfinished half bottles to take home with you! (Also the manageress gets drunk and tells inappropriate stories such as when her 14 year old caught her masturbating, which is always funny).

    You have to head out to Watson's Bay, and get barramundi and chips, drinking beer and watching the sunset. A good Day 2 or a good day out with mates - either way it is a real Sydney experience.

    People will tell you to do the Bridgeclimb. Maybe, but it's expensive (A$150?), and not really that exciting. Better walking across it.

    By the way, a walk around the Botanical Gardens followed by drinks in the Opera Bar (moving on before it becomes a pickup joint) is a great Day 2.

    Sure I will think of more soon - will put them here or on the lounge as a PM.

    Have fun!

  2. Carney2:03 PM

    Depends on how much time you have. when I went, I found that there where quite a few Americans in the bigger Metropolitan areas. The real action is in the smaller towns along the coast, like Kiama, Maruya, Ulladulla, ect. Until recently, as I understand it, to get a liquor license, an establishment had to be a hotel, the practical upshot is that almost every watering hole has a few barley used, cheap rooms above it. If you have more time than money, buy or rent a car and tool up and down the coast. The beaches aren't nearly as crowded, and in the outliers, your accent alone will get you mad tail. FYI, January is the height of their summer, it will take a day or two to acclimate to the heat. and for a sixteen hour plane ride, stay longer than a week.

  3. The Scarlet Pimp2:19 PM

    Hey Sinn,

    So I’ve signed up for you bootcamp in Sydney and am really looking forward to it. Sounds like I got the last spot so I scrapped in there by the skin of my teeth. I’m flying over from New Zealand for the weekend. NZ is beautiful and if you do get a chance to come across the ditch to visit Middle Earth you’d be most welcome.

    If you do come over, check out Queenstown in the South Island. Adventure capital of my country and where they came with the idea of jumping off bridges with elastic tied around your ankles.

    If you’re in Australia for a few weeks and have some time, head up the Gold Coast. It’s stunning, there is so much to do. If you scuba dive then you NEED to see the Great Barrier Reef. Check out the Croc farms in Brisbane. There’s boat cruises around the Whitsunday islands that are really incredible. You can hire a 4WD and skid over the sand dunes of Frasier island. If you make it as far as Cairns in the north you can see the tropical rain forest and if you’re lucky might even get attacked by Cassowarry.

    Did I mention that everything in Australia can kill you. ;)

  4. 3phase3:36 PM

    I lived in Tassie (Hobart) for 2 years and it was really cool. Flights from Sydney or Melbourne to Tassie are really cheap. If you get the chance I would say definately check it out.

    The Freycinet Peninsula is stunningly beautiful. You will have a great time with or without a chick.

    However, if things work out in your favor, a romantic walk along Wineglass Bay at dusk is an opportunity not to be missed.

    Figure out the timing so that after the hike you will have maybe an hour before sunset on the beach.

    On your way out you will pass other hikers on their way in, and once you get there it will be mostly deserted.

    We were fortunate enough to have the entire bay to oursevles. Maybe bring a flashlight or two for the walk back. We didn't have any trouble walking back in the dark.. but there was some moonlight on that day.

    There are penguins on the east coast of Tassie which were pretty cool to see.

    If you get down south you might check out the Tahune Airwalk. This crazy walkway suspended up in the forest treetops that will afford you some magnificent views.

    There is one part of the catwalk that is suspended out over the Tahune river. It's pretty awesome because out of the end of the catwalk it will be swaying in the wind. With some jumping action you can really get the thing going ;)

    Hobart itself is pretty awesome. Get there on a Saturday morning for the Salamanca Market. Trust me.

    Unfortnately I *think* you're just too late to enjoy fresh Tassie Scallops. I think the season has ended, but you might check in to it. Other fresh seafood is excellent though.

    If you get the chance check out Fish Frenzy at the Elizabeth Street Pier. I don't remember if the restaurant is called Fish Frenzy too, but anyway they have a meal called the Fish Frenzy which is pretty awesome.

    I really wanted to check out Cradle Mountain, but just never got around to it. It's worth looking in to. I'm definately going to see it sometime as I'm sure I will visit Tassie again.

  5. Candyman5:37 PM

    Jesus Christ people, he probably won't be staying that long to fly to Tasmania and stuff, lol.

    Sydney - I don't know that well to recommend anything in particular other than what’s already been suggested. However, Sydney night life does not come even close to Melbourne's. That's what Sydney people say about Melbourne. It’s so true.

    A few suggestions while in Melbourne - check out:

    1.Chapel St in South Yarra (fashion capital of Melbourne, totally awesome)
    2.Lygon St (great restaurants)
    3.St. Kilda (short distance form the city, nice beach, got everything you could want, nice cafes, music venues etc)
    4.Rialto Towers (the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere, awesome bird view of Melbourne).
    5.Melbourne Zoo (if you like animals, great for day2s anyway)
    6. Great Ocean Rd if you go for a drive (totally crazy views)

    There’s more, but these are some off the top of my head. Melbournains are very friendly, and it’s real easy to get around with public transport, trams etc. I’m sure you’ll have top time Sinn. If there’s anything in particular you wanna see, yell out and we could give some more pointers.

  6. Candyman5:56 PM

    Oh, almost forgot, check out these as well:
    7. Crown Casino
    8. Southbank (which is where Crown is)

  7. Good Point Candyman,

    Forgot to mention Bondi Beach in Sydney, it's a sea of people but...

    This time of year... topless sunbathers abound. Loads of really stunning HBs from round the world, all out sunning their racks. It's a sight to behold.

    How's your Beach Game Sinn?

  8. Cool shit to do in Oz?

    Go to Perth

  9. Cool shit to do in OZ...

    Get Nacho some postcards