Thursday, January 11, 2007

Community watchdogging

Hey guys,

I've always believed that the community can do so much for people. I know it's changed my life in SO many ways, but I would like to see some standards imposed on people who teach, and products that are released.

I personally consider the community a hobby and as such, like to stay well versed in all the various methods. I am really familiar with the teachings of SS,DYD,RSD,Juggler,PU101, etc.. and I like to stay current with the new innovations other companies are making.

My problem arises when someone with questionable credentials, starts a method offering magic pills and outlandish claims. I would love to see an independent agency put together to moderate the community and create a non biased database of infor from customers of the various methods. Meaning what success did it bring you, how skilled were the instructors, how much of it was new material vs recycled other stuff. I know that i cannot be involved in any official capacity as I am very biased, but I would love to hep someone set this up.

I also will be reviewing all the programs that I have watched, read etc.. I guess I already started with the October Man, so my second review will be VERY suprising and should be up by Tuesday of next week.

Anyone interested in starting a watchdog organization either leave a comment or email me, as I have quite a few ideas for how to do this...



  1. I would love to see this. Whatever resources you need, but of course this needs to be a truly independent organization.

    As a starting point for criteria, I might invite readers to check out the Gurus post I took a lot of shit for :)

  2. Sting8:06 AM

    they already exist. i've seen a 2 or 3 workshop, e-book, DVD seduction review sites - just report on whats going on.

    won't change anything. whose going to watchdog the watchdogs? whose going to prove/disprove the authenticity/neutrality of the reviews?
    whose going to give any such site the STATUS of universal acceptance of objectivity to start with?

    its a nice idea, IMO, it won't fly.
    the best protection for customers is the money back guarentee that you guys and most others offer.


  3. There is a group already out there on this... but it's full of shit.

    Cameron Teone

    and a few others who definitely do NOT belong on a list. Anybody who has been around knows the truth about 1/3 of that list.

  4. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Great idea Sinn,I tried e-mailing you, but got a failure message as non-delivered. E-mail me at

  5. Mikenyc3:53 PM

    Sinn i think your outspokenness on this subject is commendable. i know some people proly think you're a dick but a standard needs to be enforced or else the community will wither away into a joke.

  6. Vapor9:33 PM

    Sinn, Savoy, you have a PM from on the MM forum. I've been thinking about this for a while and think it is very workable.


  7. I know of two review sites. I don't know how impartial there are, but they only accept student submitted reviews (ie the teacher himself can't plug it).

    Seduction Review

    Seduction Workshop Reviews

    There is, in fitness training and other fields, a concept of credentials and being accreditted. Based off of X amount of work and Y amount of experience, you get your ACE in Pick Up or whatever.

    The nearest approximation in the community seems to be being a current/former Mystery Method instructor.