Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Do you kow your sticking points?

The best guys in the game have a VERY detailed map of waht they are not good at.

The better you are the more you know what you need to work on to get better. My list of sticking points is 8 miles long. But I notice most students focus on what they are good at and as soon as they can consistenly open they assume they have game.
You learn NOTHING from success, but failure can be a great teacher. I think every guy should know their first, second and third sticking points. Here's mine.

My voice sucks monkey balls. It is not sexy. I need to get vocal coaching and I have been saying that for three years. So when I get back to LA tomor I will sig up for my first lesson.

I need to start seeing myself as a mature man. Not as guy with potentential, but as a man who has accomplished a lot at a young age. And as a mature man I need to not concern myself with petty bullshit, and ego validation.

I need to stop seeing Sinn the PUA and myself as seperate people. I hate going into pickup mode and I want to integrate who I am in all walks of life into the same person.

Most of my sticking points are inner game related as I ignored that FOREVER.

What are your sticking points?



  1. I've recently hit a plateau in my learning curve. I was learning a lot very quickly I've flat lined lately.

    Here's a few problems

    1. Phone game. My opening game is good enough that I don't get blown out and set hooks. I can usually get a number but I have a hard time getting the girls on the phone or seeing them again.

    2. AA on the subway and busses. I don't get it anywhere else except while riding public transportation.

    3. Direct game. My indirect is much better and so be default I go indirect more often. I need to work on my direct game so it's on the same level.

    This is just what I'm stuck on now and I'm sure after I work these out new ones will take their place.

    I'm taking Day Game in NY with you next month so hopefully it'll help me out. Can't wait!

  2. 1. working in clubs
    2. A and C game.
    3. phone game

  3. Mr Bigshot7:29 PM

    Phone game.

    I can consistently get numbers and kiss close but girls still flake. They force us to diversify our portfolio and juggle multiple chicks.

  4. Anonymous9:20 PM

    1. Consistently and deliberately getting isolation and movement, i.e. not leaving it up to her friends to disappear.

    2. Calibration in A3. I am pretty good at telling how into me a girl is, especially since I learned how to test for it. I am not nearly as good at telling how into her she thinks I am. I find a lot of the times girls don't understand that the deep compliments I give them are actually IOIs

    3. Being too playful in A3 and comfort phases. I've gotten so much practice at pushing people away and being the fun, playful, social guy, that I'm now having trouble letting that go and being real later in the sarge.

    I am happy that this month I cleared a previous sticking point which was following 3 second rule approaches. I also don't leave sets nearly as much as I used to, whether they are going well or not. I've also gotten a lot better at AMOGing, thanks in part to the Future/Moxie Cd.

  5. smoothlatinkid3:59 AM

    1. Approaching hotter women. Subconsiously, I was going after 6s, 7s, and the occassional 8. I didn't even realize it till I looked over the photos of women I'd been with over the past year...and saw that none of them were as hot as my ex--who was a solid 9.

    I put an imaginary ceiling over my head. GOAL: Smash through the ceiling.

    2. OBEYING THE 3-SECOND RULE--and NULLIFYING AA. The reason I haven't is easy---I've gotten pulled women pretty frequently WITHOUT observing the rule. I get proximity alerts, etc. But there are often women there that I don't approach...and lose the shot I didn't take.

    3. GETTING TO SOLID RAPPORT MORE OFTEN. I feel, if one does this initially, there is no real need for phone game. She will WANT to see you. All too often, earlier in the year, I had attraction game, got a lot of numbers, but I got a lot flakes. This most often happened with girls in the 8-10 range (I live in LA, so those are ACTUAL 8-10s.)

    I believe the real difference is two-fold; my comfort zone, and the fact I didn't plow and build up enough rapport. When I notice the girl's attention wavering, I would eject so as not to DLV. Must find a way to get past this.

    4. Coming up with a couple new fun routines. This is as much for me as for them.

    5. Being less eager about getting day 2s with the 8-10s, especially when texting or trying to nail down the day 2.

    6. Improving my life overall in every aspect. This should be number one.

  6. Hey, Jon. This is your Student Al from the Stockholm BC.

    I think your concerns about your voice are complete b.s. You sounded very masculine (loud and confident). Really impressive.

    BTW, the interview series really rock. Now, I'm really good in qualifying and number closing.

    I hope I'll get the CD on Phone Game soon, since I still have trouble converting numbers into day2s and lays.

    If you happen to come to Munich (unlikely, I know), I offer you a place to stay. Take this as my sign of loyalty to my favorite pickup instructor. :-))