Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I always have women around...

Recently I have noticed a really interesting phenomenon, everywhere I go, I end up on AT least 1 day2.

Last night Future, and I went to do comedy and along tagged "lawgirl" a law student that I had met the previous night with Future and Celebspartan in a lower east side bar. She's AWESOME! She's cute and smart and super sarcastic. I'm loving the quality of women I have been involved with lately, I'm meeting some really amazing, smart, together girls. And Shorty. But we'll get back to her later.

So we went to comedy and Lawgirl brought a friend we'll call her the clinger as she was all over Futre after some gaming.

We did some stand up, moved upstairs to the bar above our lovely open mic, where we talked with David L Ross( of "hooking up" fame) about some projects he's interested in us working on. Then we bounced to a $3 dollar beer bar where the drinking continued before a trip to the Comedy Cellar.

Just from a game perspective you have to be aware of venue changes and multiple venue loops. the more venues that you spend time with a woman in, the more comfortable she will be with you. Last night we went to 5 different venues in the course of about 6 hours.

So at this point of the night both of us have been making out with our respective girls, and we have to decide what we are going to do logistically.

Now I am staying at Future's and it is a disaster, I am really messy and the two of us have been living a pretty debaucherous lifestyle since i got in... so pulling here wasn't going to happen, so at about 1:30 we cut the Day2. And now tonight I am going over to her place " to watch a movie". It's really important to minimize factors that can wreck dates.. had we brought them back to the war zone, they would have been grossed out and nothing would have materialized further, but because we cut it,now I have a day 3 tonight which has moved from less intrusive to more intrusive.

It's very important to go on a lot of dates, so that you can gather a knowledge base of situations and how they turn out. We had brought girls over a couple of nights earlier and based on the size of the apartment and the condition of it, both of us closing there was not really an option. So again sometimes solid game means waiting and we ended the date on our terms which has led to Lawgirl texting me all last night and all day today. Leading to our upcoming date tonight.

Patience is a virtue and trying to force things, very rarely works.


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  1. "war zone." Hilarious.

    I'm in Hollywood, but I've carried that NYC style of bouncing to several venues with me.

    An interesting point in that she's a lawyer. I've dated a lot of waitress/actress types and frankly, a woman with a REAL job is the money now.

    Where to find them, though, is another story. The places I hit here (trendy, expensive sushi places and lounges, the occassional club) are party girl central.