Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Observational Transitions

Observational transitions

At The Mystery Method we have recently added a new piece to the recently revised model.

The most important new addition is that of a transition phase between Opening and Attraction. This transitional phase will generally take the form of an observation about the girl or group of people. The observations can be canned such as mini cold reads, actual cold reads, Interactive Value Demonstrations( Like Best Friends Test), or they can even be qualification pings( I will write a post on qualification pinging later).

For a long time Mystery said that the best transition was no transition. The classic example of this coming when in seminar while talking about stacking forward( The act of cutting a conversational thread and starting a new one) He Would ask “ Have you ever been to the Hollywood sign.” Then he would continue to tell a story about the Hollywood sign. He said the best transition is no transition. This is 100% wrong as evidenced by his own example. The question “ Have you ever been to the Hollywood sign?” Is in fact a transition. It changes the subject but it changes it by getting the group to answer a question about something else.

The whole idea of transitioning is simply to move off you’re opener to avoid having a 20 minute conversation about Jealous Girlfriend or whatever other opener you have run. The best way to do this to act like you just noticed that they made the same facial expressions or that she has a U shaped smile etc….

The key is to make it seem like you were about to leave after the opener, FTC, and neg, but something you noticed about them makes you stick around, you follow that up with the classic information gathering question “ How do you all know each other?”

Hope this helps.



  1. Anonymous9:11 PM

    I like the transition/observation.
    Nice. Under the radar.

  2. excellent.

    I have been using this "observational transition" for ages to great results when running M3 Indirect in my sarges.

    It is critical - I worked this out myself and it is great to see that you Sinn are using it too when running indirect game.

    It smoothly transitions you from the opener before you run attract material.

    I found this out myself by trial and error in the field.

    I am glad that is now going to be formally incorporated into whatever system you may be using in the future.

  3. djfuji5:07 AM

    This post is precisely why i love the interview series. You guys are putting into words what we eventually figure out after dozens of fuck ups in the field. This post on transitions makes anyone with any field experience go, "oh yeah...i remember when i struggled with i naturally transition all the time without thinking about it..too bad it took weeks to figure that out on my own." The observational nature of the transition phase makes things seem more "natural" since you just threw out a FTC. Eventually I solved the problem by creating a stack which would naturally transition from opener to IVD to story, but it took a while to figure out that it worked and why it worked better than a random thread cut.

    I'm super curious to hear you talk about qualification pings as concentrating on calibrating where i am in the sarge has helped my game tremendously. The old adage that "you're in a3 after 3 IOIs and once she answers the 'what do you have going for you' qualification question" was too broad and without understanding the concepts behind that rule, it was difficult to really gauge where you were.

    Your articles are the closest thing I've ever seen to TD's old "breakthrough" articles (e.g. social vibing, 25 points, etc) on new concepts in social dynamics.

  4. Anonymous7:35 AM

    This is so funny! I've already been doing this.

    I actually wrote some notes to myself using the terms trans1 and trans2

    Do you use 2 transitions before going to a longer story/routine?


  5. I totally agree. When I started hopping from routine to routine, the chicks where like "why are you asking me this?" and I clearly saw that this wasn't working. So, while watching some standup comedy DVDs I started taking note of how the comedians would transition and that really helped alot.

    And the thing about it is that Tyler also advocates that you don't need to transition and he might not realise it but he does segway in a way. I don't know if you guys have heard his seminar mp3 (the one you get when you sign up for his newsletter), but if you listen to his example of "no transition" he responds to a current thread but uses that response to transition into something else.
    PUA: Do you think she likes him because he's (DavidBowie) creative or because he's hot? (can't remember exact words)
    HBSlut: creative
    PUA: that's interesting, you know you have a good girl face, but every so often... (mini cold read)

    Also, I've learned like if you wanna transition by asking a question like doing the LA handshake you can do it something like...
    PUA: Have you ever... (this gets the girl thinking (subconsiously) "okay here comes a topic change"
    PUA: ... you ever seen the LA handshake?

    And BAM! you're into the new routine.

    Anyway, I just found this site today. Hope to learn alot from it.