Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I just got a call from lawgirl, and she's going to be meeting us around 10:30 after her law meeting, nothing that exciting. So i'm talking to Future and the following dialiogue happens:

Sinn: "I really like her"
Future: She's got a boyfriend."
Sinn: "All girls have boyfriends"
Future: No a real serious boyfriend. Her friend told me last night, cause i asked her why she was pawing at you but seemed to be holding back. She said"she's got a boyfriend and I'm not going to cock block, cause I don't care, but yeah she's got a boyfriend."
Sinn: Weird, I guess Captain Jack was right. They just don't tell me"

I pride myself on dating only single girls and CJ always fucks with me by saying they are just not telling me. But now we have real live proof that i am going to be contributing to cheating. I hate that... but I do actually like this girl and she could definetly be my NY girl... Decisions,decisions.



  1. lol one day i hope to achieve that level...n i will :)
    you da man

  2. haha I'm gaming a law girl in NY too; hope she's not the same one- if it is, I botched phone game 2nite so now would be a good time to strike

  3. Hey that's my girlfriend!! J/K hey she didn't tell you. As far as anybody knows you don't know. If she does anything it's on her.

  4. Hey that's my girlfriend!!!! J/K

  5. Anonymous9:03 PM

    haa - told you! But, it doesn't really matter. In her mind it's not cheating until/unless she gets pregnant with your baby. Chick logic.

    ~ Captain Jack ~

    P.S. So, if you always wear a condom, there's technically only a .001% chance it will turn into cheating.

  6. Sting2:00 AM

    poor Sinn,
    all these hotties throwing themselves into your bed and putting you in that awkward place of being the 'other guy'. ahhhh...


  7. I set up some rules for myself when I started gaming. If it helps any, here they are:

    If you can answer "no" to the following two circumstances, she's fair game.

    1. Is there a ring?

    2. Do you personally know her boyfriend?

  8. I notice how you declined to mention on YOUR blog how I served the dark lord and jumped on the grenade and many other metaphors as well.

    DAMN her friend was nasty. (But your girl was hot as shit. Nice work, my friend.)

  9. I never told you to make out with her... :p

    Thanks for the assist, I owe you a lapdance from an Asian.


  10. "I never told you to make out with her... :p"

    ZIIING! :D