Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Heading home.. Finally.

So I'm at the airport waiting to go home. Actually waiting for a three hour flight, then an hour long cab ride from LAX. Burbank is SOOOOO much better than LAX but I wasn't payng attention when I booked my flight and ended up at LAX at 5 PM... I'm super psyched for traffic to Hollywood... And I had to check my bag so I get the revolutionary system LAX has for losing bags. Ok end of bitch session.

I have been gone since early January when I flew to NY to do a Bootcamp, then I stayed for a week met Lawgirl, hung with Future and saw Debonair Dave. We also went to a few strip clubs. If by a few you mean 3 in 4 days.

Then off to Dallas where I did Strippers and Hired guns, and had the funniest pull ever. Dallaas was great. But unseasonably cold.

Then I got to Vancouver, and Whistler where Tenmag and I have been snowboarding and teaching and I got the Bathroom pull.

It's been a long month. Now I get some well needed R and R. Plus I see shorty tonight, and Evil girl tomor... so life isn't that bad.


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