Monday, January 22, 2007

Comfort Thresholds

Comfort like anything else has boundaries or as i like to call them thresholds.

We use to adhere to the 7 hour rule, but as we got better and better at the game, the 7 hour rule starts to melt away and instead was replaced by this theory.

In order to get a woman comfortable enough to have sex with you without LMR, you must be able to raise her comfort threshold, from comfortable not talking to you, to comfortable to talking to you, to comfortable isolating with you, to comfortable qualifying herself to you, to comfortable relocating with you to comfortable kissing you..... all the way to sex.

Well what are comfort thresholds you may be asking, defines a threshold thusly;

4. Also called limen. Psychology, Physiology. the point at which a stimulus is of sufficient intensity to begin to produce an effect: the threshold of consciousness; a low threshold of pain.

The place at which a stimulus(you) is of sufficient intensity(comfort) to begin to produce an effect(moving forward.)

So the threshold is the level at which she is comfortable enough to move forward.

For the sake of game, we define comfort as merely the lack of discomfort. For example if you are in a room and you don't notice the temperature, the room is said to be comfortable, if you are hot or cold, it is not.

Every woman is a unique puzzle waiting to be solved, including their specific comfort thresholds, I have had sex with women as fast as 30 minutes from meeting them to as much as 30 hours into interaction. Every woman moves at her own pace, and it is important to recognize the way points and signals that she is giving you as to where her comfort is.

The best way to judge comfort thresholds, is to test for them physically. Most of kino escalation, is about gathering information as to where her thresholds of touching are. A woman, can tell you she likes you and wants o have sex with you, but her muscular tension can't lie.

Anytime you sense any hesitation or stiffness in a woman while interacting with her, she is broadcasting a message and that message is I"M UNCOMFORTABLE. And thus she wants us to alleviate her discomfort.

A funny look off the opener is her way of telling you that she is not yet comfortable with you talking to her, an upturned hand on a kino test means she isn't yet comfortable with you holding her hand, her refusal of a bounce means she is not ready to be in a new location with you, her refusing to come back up to your apartment means that she isn't yet ready to be alone in a possibly sexual situation with you.

So how do we increase her comfort? The key is to go all the way to the threshold and then pull back. Because everytime you go tot the line and release, you are demonstrating that she can trust you to not make her uncomfortable, which allows her to relax and let you go a little bit further as she realizes that she is in control of the pacing of the courtship.

Everytime, you move back, the comfort threshold goes a little bit higher until ultimately she is comfortable enough to have sex and see you again afterwards.

This seems really complex and I may have to edit it, as is I think only Future, Savoy and CJ will get this...



  1. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Sinn, isn't this more or less the same concept as the compliance threshold?

    I mean, before MM talked about compliance threshold, but compliance is in some sense the outward expression of comfort (and early on attraction), is it not?

    So, when you get a failed compliance test, it basically means that you don't have enough comfort (or early on attraction) so, you release, which builds comfort and then try later.

    Am I missing something?

  2. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Thanks Sinn,

    Thinking about COMFORT THRESHOLD is exactly what i was missing in my comfort game.

    When you know you have qualified her and you say "Why do you think i like you? and she gives you good feedback and you still add parts of qualification in comfort.

    How far do you pull away when you reach the COMFORT THRESHOLD?

  3. Anonymous3:52 PM

    It makes perfect sense to me at least.

    It should be noted that her comfort level may not be the only factor as to why she doesn't progress to the next level.

    Ex: She may not relocate with you because it's late and she has to get up early in the morning. She may be comfortable enough to leave the current location with you but something outside the situation is keeping her from doing so.

    Thresholds are also multivarient. And the women who had sex with you within 30 minutes may take 30 hours to have sex with another guy. Or that same women may have taken more than 30 minutes to have sex with you under different conditions.

    Other than those slight things, I think you covered a very important concept in a concise way.

    I wish I could refer every guy who makes me uncomfortable to you for a One-on-One.

    This is a very important concept and every guy should be required to learn it (in my opinion).

    Ana Renee

  4. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Good post.

    Lots of testing required
    to move forward it seems!

  5. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Very interesting post. As far as the girls that
    In your experience have taken 30 hours or
    Near that time I have a question. When you
    Are going to spend that much time
    Before having sex with a girl chances are
    You are going to have to do some or several
    Activities with her where money is required.
    I know it can vary but. Do you usually
    Make them take turns in paying for this
    Activities? The reason I asked is because
    Recently I laid a girl that on the last time
    we went out I was planning on taking her home
    To watch a movie after dinner. She didn’t like
    The idea of going back to my place so I told her
    That it was fine after dinner you can take me
    To any bar you want for a drink.
    She did it and after spending more time with her
    I ended up spending the night at her place.
    How do you handle the money issue in those
    Cases where it takes longer?

  6. "This seems really complex and I may have to edit it, as is I think only Future, Savoy and CJ will get this..."

    That's cold, dude.
    Nice bait, though.

    It makes perfect sense to me.

    I learned (the Hard Way, of course) that I severely cripple my game when I remove the kino aspect of it from the sarge.

    Simply, kino escalation provides me with an ideal calibrating system. TOTEs R Us, as it were.

    Hand games, secret handshakes, palm reading, kino tests, MUSCLE READING, nudging, slapping, pinching, spanking, hair-pulling all give me invaluable INFORMATION about what I need to do next.

    I read somewhere that, in Day Game, you only recommended kino that one's boss would find acceptable.

    My question (something you can always count on me bringing to your table, My Dear Sinn) is:

    How have your new insights on Comfort Threshold altered/changed you attitude on Day Game Kino?

    How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways ...

    Oh yeah.
    Ana Renee, I wanna join your fan club.

  7. Mr Bigshot8:40 PM

    How do you apply this to phone game? Girls are notorious flakes so by punishing them by not calling seems to lose the set more often than not.

  8. Anonymous3:58 AM

    Complex? Ok, I'm either clueless or I believe I understand it.

    To me, it's just a different ways to talking about hook-bait-release. Tell me I'm wrong.


  9. Shiro4:01 AM

    Isn't this similiar to hook-bait-release?

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

  10. Ana Renee:

    You make an interesting point. Being able to effectively control logistics is a large part of a PUA's skillset.

    "Thresholds are also multivarient. And the women who had sex with you within 30 minutes may take 30 hours to have sex with another guy. Or that same women may have taken more than 30 minutes to have sex with you under different conditions."

    It is our aim as PUAs, ultimately, to be acutely aware of those conditions, anticipate them, and take as much logistical control as possible. What's more, we attempt to do it in a seamless fashion.

    "I dunno, it just happened!"

  11. Anonymous3:04 PM


    You can join my research project but I'll have to have you sign a release form before I show you the secret handshake.

    I only have one other rule: NO advanced comfort on the research interns (they are fragile and may break under intense pua pressure).

    Hands off,
    Ana Renee Jones

  12. Ana Renee,

    Research project?
    You mean like mice in a maze (not to be confused with DIAB - that's another thread on Sinn's Blog)?

    Release form?
    The panel of judges determine how good my "Too bad I'm gay or you'd be so mine" delivery was?

    Secret Handshake?
    No problem. I just keep my hands in my pockets. Cant't see them shake in there - that's Secret.

    Sure. You go first, then me. Then you, again. Then me. Playground rules.

    I hate you, but that's all you get.

  13. Anonymous7:25 PM

    hahahaha...I'm getting gamed in a blog comment section.

    This "blog game" is to "online gaming" as "day gaming" is to original (bootcamp) game. (Did I make it too difficult?)

    Hey Kidd, You forgot to use a false-time restraint (now, I am wondering when you'll go away) and the three-second rule (I saw you lurking before you approached...creepy). You lose attraction points. You haven't gotten close to one of my comfort thresholds yet.

    If you're lucky, I might let you read my research project when I am done. But there's no such thing as luck in this game, right?

    If I didn't have to go, I might accept your hate but my friends are waiting. Better luck next time, Kidd.

    The Cat & Mouse Game,
    Ana Renee

    Thank you for the post, CripticFox.

  14. Ana Renee-
    I'm quite curious as to how you found my specific blog as opposed to others(like Savoy's) and what this research paper is on.

    Can;t say I'm thrilled to be the subject of a research paper, but this is a public blog so I don't suppose there's much i can do about it.


    P.S comfort thresholds are completely different than compliance thresholds as compliance is directly related to value exchange I.E A waiter complies more to the rich asshole customer than to the guy who asks him about himself and makes him at ease. Why because people are inherently selfish and the promise of value over shadows comfort. I.E how celebrities get laid.

    It also has nothing to do with BHRR....

    I'll update when I feel like actually being coherent

  15. Anonymous9:45 PM


    Don't worry, your secret is safe with me, I won't include you by name in anything I write. You're not the subject of my research paper.

    And I do read other blogs (Savoy's, Tenmagnet's, Future's, BadBoy's, etc). In addition, I read other community stuff too (forums, lists, emails, etc).

    I am intrigued by this community and I am interested in learning more. Don't mind me nosing around...

    “Curiosity is the very basis of education and if you tell me that curiosity killed the cat, I say only the cat died nobly."

    Cat with a death wish (be gentle),
    Ana Renee

  16. I think it would be funny if I pretended I didn't understand it.

    This is good stuff.

    30hrs? You gotta post about that. You post about that and I'll post about San Diego Lauren (not the Lauren who used to work for us, I mean the brunette...)

    Whoa, I just realized two things:

    1) I dated a brunette
    2) Those two Laurens were complete opposites

    But yeah. Point being. Good stuff. Will this be added to the Breakthrough Comfort product?

  17. Sinn, you write:
    "... people are inherently selfish and the promise of value over shadows comfort. I.E how celebrities get laid. "

    Comfort-building as beta-behavior?

  18. Anonymous5:25 AM

    Great post,

    This is similar to DYD and the idea of

    "2 steps forward 1 step backwards"