Sunday, March 18, 2007

What do you guys want to read about

I want to make sure that the articles I write are about the stuff you guys are interested in.

So I will now take suggestions for my next big article...



  1. Cold Reading, Fitness and Diet, V for Vandetta, Fashion (dressing to your identity), stores to shop at and brands, Connection

  2. Armac8:38 PM

    I wanna hear more about you as a person. How you developed yourself and what thoughts go through your head when you talk to people.

    The best way to learn from the best is learn how they act and what they think

  3. Kilmer8:42 PM

    Hey Sinn, where do you shop? I really like your blazer with the skulls on the back - it's really cool.

  4. yea what armac said
    i want to know how u deal with anger and frustration, or how u deal with any of the tough decisions u've had in ur life, also ur epiphany moments when u were like wooooow

  5. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Thanks for asking.
    Sinn, I'd like to hear about the following things:

    PU Related:
    -Set a challenge for guys so we can perhaps enlighten you with some of our experiences via comments to your blog
    -A few of your best Day 2 experiences e.g. What you did (not sexually but venue/conversation wise e.g. comedy club)
    -Some of the worst blowouts you've experienced or seen. The point is that guys can survive even the worst case scenario

    Non-PU Related (not necessarily):
    -Lastly, I'd like to see an update on your New Year's goals list. (Bench press ala Mario Williams, sleeping with a Hollywood actress)


  6. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Talk to us about the most common sticking points you see as an instructor and the common fixes for those sticking points.

  7. Anonymous10:18 PM

    conversation ratios and how much she contributes at various stages of the pu

  8. I have no interest in ANY of the topics mentioned by the others.

    Talk more about setting frames, advanced comfort IN THE FIELD, the new SNL model IN THE FIELD, relationship management.

  9. Doc Holliday11:03 PM

    You have a very very strong presence and I want to know how you developed it. What were some of the ways you went about this? Ohhh and V for Vandetta.

    -Doc Holliday

  10. My sticking point is mixed sets, from open to isolation. I have trouble especially if the guys are alpha and try to blow me off right off the bat (I'm small and skinny).

  11. Educational stuff from a Guru.
    Thanks for sharing

  12. Anonymous2:10 AM


  13. Anonymous3:32 AM

    How do you open women in a supermarket?

  14. Anonymous4:30 AM

    More on microcalibration and advanced comfort.

    I'd also like to hear some of your negs ; )

  15. Anonymous5:46 AM

    I second Cold Reading, and I'd love to see something on Pair Bonding.

  16. Anonymous6:33 AM

    A lot of my friends and I want to hear about techniques how to get laid, stories about that, and example of how to bypass LMR

  17. Anonymous6:38 AM

    The main topic that interesting is
    how to creat strong rapport with women, if you can tell us in depth on that it would be great

  18. Anonymous6:41 AM

    Stories about your success and failure with women and your analysis to the story

  19. Missions for pickup begginers

  20. Xander10:03 AM

    Hey Sinn,

    Would love:
    - What to do for Day 2's: There is very sparse material on this in the community, IMO
    - Blowout stories: We newbies have the conception of mPUA's as never having trouble picking up. Would love to hear some really bad blowouts you experienced, perhaps in the early going.

  21. Anonymous11:16 AM

    How bout some field reports.

  22. Anonymous11:30 AM

    one night stands, how to do direct pulls

    threesomes, how to sarge lesbian girls...

  23. I'd like to learn more about body language. I'm also a bit curious about the secretary opener I've heard so much about. Awesome blog, by the way. Respect.

  24. I think it would be beneficial to both newbies and those who've been doing this a while to discuss how quickly a pick up goes down.

    I get the impression from reading a lot of guys posts that they think that it actually takes a full seven hours to do a pick up instead of using this as a guideline.

    After hanging with Captain Jack, yourself and other successful PUAs I've realized that pick ups actually go down quicker than most people would think.

  25. Anonymous2:27 PM

    I'd like to hear your thoughts on what you've got to sacrifice to get as deep into the game as you have. Guys always talk about how the community makes their lives only better, but really, isn't there a prize to it? Did you realize things that made the world get uglier? Did you lose the ability to feel specific feelings out of specific situations? Did love/sex/attraction somehow lose it's edge? How do you handle that?

  26. Anonymous4:15 PM

    I'd like to hear more about what it was like for you as a beginner, so that a guy who starts out knows what to expect and knows if he's on the right track or not etc.

  27. Anonymous6:02 PM

    treat it like you were talking to your little brother, the right stuff always flows out then

    to the dude looking for skull and cross bone clothes have a look at Ed hardy


  28. Anonymous6:10 PM

    One of my favourite posts by you was the one that had your revelations (Some revelations on the anniversary of me taking a program ) from being in the game for a while...another one of those would be cool.

    Also, what sort of material do you use in A2. Are you using any routines in A2 or only your stories?

    Wicked blog man. I read it every day...every hour even, lol.

  29. Anonymous12:00 AM

    Day game. The first 30 seconds.

  30. Sting6:06 AM

    Hi Sinn -

    - i'd like your advice about Identity. as a guy whose identity is "student" but is not very interested in his studies - its difficult to have a psychological place to come home to from pua stuff.

    - Comfort, specfically its escalation.

    - 3somes, specfically the dynamic that works best between the girls, e.g they get along perfectly well vs their's some degree of jealousy (and how much) and competition between them.

    - i'd like to hear about your own Identity - how does a man who works so regularly as a PUA keep his self-image away from being a ladies man first and foremost(if at all you do)?

    thanks for asking - your writings are the best of anyone out there. seriously, its up there with Hemingway - wouldn't mind hearing your tips for learning to write better!


  31. Sting6:09 AM

    Specifically about Comfort escalation

    - the process of going from small talk to intimate talk with an eye to getting physical, the in-betweens and the smooth way to get from one to the other.
    in-betweens phases as you see them, and how to hop from one to the next.


  32. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Nah, I think you should do a take on sexual communication. Talk about why why you got into the game, and when it first clicked 'there was something else going on'


  33. kerloom9:18 PM

    Hey, I'd like to hear about presen ce, which I assume has bases in body language. BTW thanks for the blog

  34. How can one be attractive to women with a rugged, NON-metrosexual style?

    That's what I want you to write about, 'cause I 'aint waxing a damn thing.

  35. Anonymous4:47 AM

    Hey Sinn!
    Write about identities.
    -Which are the most attractive ones
    -Which are not attractive
    Stuff like that.
    And talk about making money man.

  36. Anonymous9:25 PM

    I wanna hear about the most blatant bullshitter this business has ever seen. OR the hugest fallacy that no one knows about.

    Drop a bomb : )

  37. Anonymous5:33 AM

    Hi Sinn,

    I'd like to hear more a about developing a strong and sexy FRAME where others get sucked into.


  38. Xander12:00 PM

    I'd also like to see a list of observational transitions that you like to use.