Friday, March 30, 2007

The new love of my life

Is not a girl....

It's my Insect long board skateboard. It's literally the most fun thing i have bought myself in years!

It's basically like snow boarding on ground, as it's UBER responsive. I have not been this happy with a purchase since... I don't even know I'd say my first pair of designer jeans, but that's probably not right either.

The skateboard has made all the most mundane tasks more fun as I can skate to do them. Going to the gym, going to the MM office, going to the bank, picking up dry cleaning, going to Baja Fresh... all now way more fun.

Long live the Skateboard!



  1. Anonymous12:19 PM

    How old are you sinn?

    Cummon! A skateboard?! SUPER attractive to women that one!!!

  2. Good for you Sinn. I've passed all my teenage year running away from cops on my skateboard cuz we were always downtown to gap stairs and pratice our street skills. Now that I've matured I'm a member of the longboard adepts (can we say that in english?) just like you.

    Welcome to the club!!


    PS : Try a midnight run... put on a helmet and start at top of a hill and race your friends to the bottom. Gotta luv the adrenaline rush =)

  3. my-t-boy4:53 AM

    is it an insect dragonfly?

  4. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Watch out man. This becomes an addiction. One day, I bought a $350 carbon fiber longboard . A year later, I had 10. I'm not even bad. Go to silverfishlongboarding dot com. There are guys over 30 with 50+ longboards. Pretty soon you'll be swapping out wheels of different shapes/duros/offsets. Then you'll want some carving trucks or a pumping setup. Then you'll want a mini, then a 60", then a dropdeck, a sliding setup, then something retro etc, etc. The parts are so affordable that you can easily drop a grand because those new trucks are only the price of a bar tab or dinner at a decent restaurant.

    I second that recco to get pads and a helmet. It's pretty easy to break oneself. Just like a motorcycle, it's not if you fall. It's when you fall.

    To the naysayers, 35 mph downhill feels like 135 mph the first time. It's like being on a motorcycle ... without brakes. This isn't child's play and is fairly stupid when you consider the physics of it. This is why it's fun. You'd be surprised how many college girls will approach you even if you just cruise a board.

    BTW, if you don't have an indo board at home, get one. It will improve your core strength and thus board sport balance. Plus, every girl who comes over will want to try it. Lots of kino as you help her balance.

  5. Let's see a picture

  6. Sinn, several posts back you asked what would be a good topic to write about.

    How should I get started with fashion?
    I'm trying to completely redo my look. What magazines/books should I read? Is it best to just copy what I like?