Thursday, March 15, 2007

Prepping explained and More random crap I wrote on the plane..

One Night Stand game:

One night stand game relies on early sexual framing, introduction of a jealousy thread and seeding the bounce. Logistics also become more important though not a make or break situation.


How can we prep girls to be ready for our sexual advances and our escalations without triggering ASD?

Jokes- Sexual Jokes can start prepping a girl to get ready for our advances.But these jokes need to be focused more on the two of us getting together for sex rather than just being purely sexual. Stuff like Nick's telling girls he's going to fuck them in the ass when they are getting bratty.

Actual preps like "I'm trying so hard not kiss you right now" or I'm trying to get in your pants following a compliment or a neg.

Seeding bounces and time bridges are another way of prepping, except they prep for dates or at least second venues rather than pulling straight to the seduction location.

Sensual preps like I miss the way you smell can work over the phone.

" I really want to" preps can also work to a degree as long as you stay away from overly vulgar and sexual ones like I really want to fuck you in the ass. Something along the lines of I really want to hold you or be naked with you is good.

Where else can we prep? We can prep private conversations, bounces, dates and getting back to your place by overselling. Having something to show her that you sell as the second coming of god.

Frames to set for one night stands and faster escalations:

Sexually aggressive: has to be a cold read routine like the ring fingers as you can't tell a girl she is sexually aggressive. Sexual predators routine. Setting the frame (Jokingly) that she is trying to pick you up and that she's trying to get in your pants.

Non-Judgemental: This can just be thrown out as a qualifier. " You know what i like about you is that you seem like you are really non-judgemental. I feel like I can be me around you. You don't seem like the type of person who judges others or cares what other people think." Non-judgemental about sex would also be good. But you would have to be careful that it doesn't seem like you are implying that she is a slut.

Makes her own decisions:
" You seem like the type of person who makes her own decisions. the type of person who if it feel right to you now you do it. You don't worry about what other people think of you."

Adventurous and willing to try new things.

Goes after what she wants:
This could easily be framed around what she would do if there was no chance of failure. If she's going after it then you reward her and tell her how much you respect people who go after the people and things that they want. you could even then throw in a story about how you planned to make friends with a minor celebrity and you did or met an ex at a bar because she was the life of the party and you were determined to meet her. You relate it to meeting people.

Here you can talk about how when you hit on the right subject her eyes light up and you can tell that she is a deeply passionate person.

You can also frame for flakiness by telling her how responsible and down to earth and honest she seems.

Then qualifying just means that we deliver an IOI based on that personality trait so we give her the approval to continue being that way. In fact you could even incorporate a push/pull into it by then challenging her to be more of that trait.

" You know what I like about you? You seem like the type of person who goes after what she wants like if there was something you wanted you'd go do it.

I really like that because I feel like life is short and you have to go after what you want to have the type of life you want or be the type of person you want to be.


"But I wonder if you go after what you want even when other people tell you not to or that it's not the socially acceptable thing to do."


  1. Thanks, bro.
    This and the last post on subcommunication is you at your tidy and subtle best.


  2. Anonymous2:39 PM

    best blog there is, keep it up Sinn.

    i think its natural that alot of guys make sexual jokes, like i make jokes about the girl has to blow me/or someone else if she loses in any sort of game.

    i also do it in day 2's to make it a more comfortable, fun, and sexual frame.

    On the really sexual girls, they like it when guys call them sluts or hoes.

    you should post more examples of how to do it, i think its effective.


  3. I sincerely believe this post represents your best work to date and the model:

    Determine Sexual trait/personality characteristic you want her to experience/display -> install frame -> Qualifier/IOI -> Challenge

    more powerful than you know.

    Props and Respect.

  4. Anonymous2:55 AM

    i'm curious if you still think all this work is needed to get sex.

    i thought you were talking about doing very little and getting bathroom lays.

    this is much too complex.

    - switch