Thursday, March 08, 2007

Blending attraction and qualification for Same night lays

New model:

My new method of blending qualification and attraction takes 4 phases.

1. Framing: Here we will frame her into behaving the way we want her to. For example, the reason that we no longer call girls powderpuff girls is because calling a girl a powderpuff girls causes her to act more ADD and like a powder puff girl. instead we want to tell a girl she is classy, and intelligent. That way she will act more classy and intelligent. We can also frame girls as sexual etc.. using something like Captain Jack's version of the Strawberry Fields. The basic idea of framing is that through telling a girl how she is, she will then act accordingly.

2. Qualifying her for being the way you have framed her to be. Here's where after telling a girl i met in Sydney a few days ago that she was very independent and did whatever she wanted to do regardless of what others thought of it. I then tell her that I like that and it's rare to have that quality at her age(19). We want to qualify the girl for being these qualities so that she gets rewarded for being independent, sexual, etc...

3. Prepping: Prepping is an idea I got from Future to make sure that you keep things in the right frame. The idea is that you let her know that you are trying to get in her pants or will be trying to kiss her, bounce her etc...

4. Finally you need to release as needed. Especially after you build the emotional tension of giving her huge IOIS for the way you have framed her as being.

This has been responsible for 2 lays in the last week. As well as three pulls by CJ.



  1. Anonymous7:47 PM

    sinn could you explain "release"?

    Thanks for the reply in advance, I'm loving your work.


  2. This is a great model especially for australian women.

    I use framing and prepping alot, but not necessarily in the same sequence as Sinn has outlined here. I will be curious to field test.

    Alot of the prepping I use by way of SOI's and i find they work very well.

    The power of framing also is very powerful. My current girlfriend...good little italian girl...goes to church...always does what her mother says...unbreakable right?? wrong!...I had a make out session with her and my FB last week and now she wants to have a threesome with her friend and have someone video tape us! ahhhh...the power of framing!

    Great model Sinn

  3. Sinn -
    an expansion of "prepping" would be good.

    i can verify the power of framing - its amazing the degree to which people will attempt to meet a positive standard you set for them, even if your BSing.
    i've told complete brats that they're sophisticated and responsible... its unbelievable the way they behave afterwards.


  4. Anonymous11:52 PM

    great post, but it's very vague. Possibly give some more specifics and details of how you deliver this stuff such as prepping.

    In other words, more examples more so than concepts.


  5. Anonymous6:09 AM

    Idd, what do you mean with "release"? Escalate? Go away? Go away & after a while go back to escalate?
    You've really great posts over here =)


  6. Anonymous1:15 PM

    It's POWERpuff girl. Not powderpuff.

    Geez Sinn. You didn't even know that?

  7. Cobra7:31 PM

    Release as in "Bait, hook, real, release" of the VAH.

    OMG, you have a belly button piercing?!? I always fall in love with girls who have them. --> (Release) I better not talk to you any more.