Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm back....

Shit has been crazy lately, so I haven't been able to update as much as i would like to.

The Bootcamp went really really well, as one student ended up getting laid and quite a few others did really well. I saw a lot of isolations, a lot of moves and a lot of kinoing. A million percent improvement from the first night. I'm still exhausted and not sleeping well, but I hope that will end soon.

Australians really seem to have skewed notions about Americans, it's almost insulting. Every time I open a set the response is generally we don't want to insult you by thinking your American.... That's not an insult. I am proud of being American and I really wonder what Aussies are taught about us, as they seem to think that we are all Bush/War supporters. It actually borders on xenophobia and for the first time in my life I understand what people go through with racism. Really a bizarre dynamic. It's not cool and I am disappointed that any country could be so bigoted against another. And that's what it is bigotry. Even some of the students said that they can always tell who the Americans are because they are louder... Not all Americans are loud. That's the thing about stereotypes, is that the innocent suffer along with the guilty(and I put myself into the loud category) but the bottom line is that you can NEVER tell what someone is like based on the color of their skin or the country of their origin, at different points in time people have done this and it has led to among other things, slavery, Apartheid, and the holocaust. It's a flawed way of thinking, and the funny part at least to me about the Australia situation is that they still listen to our music and watch our movies, so we can't be all that bad...

Overall I am enjoying the hell out of this trip, CJ, Dr Owl and I went to the Sydney Aquarium yesterday and that was really cool. I decided that in my next life I ant to be a Seal. That's the life lay around all day on some rocks, eat some fish and get laid during mating season. I also got to figure out how I would kill sharks if they ever attacked me. You duck and stab.

The weather has been really really shitty lately which has stopped CJ and I from even having one beach day. But all that looks like it's going to change today as I am looking out the window at pure sunshine. As soon as CJ gets up... which may be never, we will head to the beach to do some snorkeling.

Today's the last day I have for awhile to enjoy myself as tomor I have day game and Fri the BC starts.



  1. Most Australians get all there opinions from the mainstream media. There are shows like sixty minute, a current affair and the nightly news (on 7, 9 and 10) that spill pure crap day after day. The newspapers don't help either.

    I live here, and find that in general, people are ignorant, close minded and uneducated. It really is difficult to find someone intelligent to talk to, and when you do it is usually an extremist of some kind that is only educated so they can push some view or way of life onto others.

    In Australia at least, society in general is pretty disappointing. Anyone with any intelligence really needs to find a good little clique to hang around or they will most probably end up depressed and suicidal.

    Wow, what a depressing comment :) Sorry Sinn!

  2. Thats how the stereotypes are in America for us black folk but sometimes worst.

    Blacks folks even stereotype each other its crazy but nothing that can't be delt with.

  3. Anonymous9:42 AM

    very funny sinn, from a guy who makes a living generalizing about women, and seduction dynamics, you should know better. Stereotypes exist becuase there is truth in them, blacks generally have lower IQ than whites, that is a fact, no one is arguing that all blacks are dumb, just most of them. Generalizations allow us to manuever through life with less effort, and free us to think of other things, things less mundane.

    Should I walk throught this dark alley in a bad part of town at 2 am? stereotypical thinking says NO, unbiased dumbass thinking says, hell why not there is a chance a hot beautiful woman will be there, and offer me $1000 to suck my dick.

  4. Few things can be as eye-opening as traveling, even in countries that on the surface seem similar to your own.

    I think the first remedy for any close-minded or racist person is to travel.

  5. Most Australian's like American people, it's just Bush and the whole Iraq war thing we hate.

    Any Americans traveling anywhere in the world need to seperate themselves from the Bush /Iraq thing. Try and support or defend your government and 9 times out of 10 you are going to be treated like shit.

    It's got nothing to do with racism it's about politics.