Friday, March 09, 2007

Book Review: King,Warrior,Magician,Lover

I finished this book a couple of days ago and I have been debating how to review it.

I enjoyed 90% of this book, as I thought the definitions of boy thinking versus man thinking were priceless, but at times it did tend to drift over into too much "energy" talk for my liking.

The most interesting part of the book, was the definitions of both the positive masculine polarities(King,etc) and then their "shadow incarnations such as the tyrant, the hero,etc..

My major problem with this book, was that it could have been a really powerful way of identifying yourself with the masculine energy that you are most in line with. That way you could figure out ways to bring yourself in line with either the King, Warrior... and focus on moving your life toward the energy you are most similar too. Instead Robert Moore the author focused instead on making the point that all of these energies exist inside each of us as well as their shadow incarnations and we should focus on moving into the positive sides of all of them. In this way it felt like a bad tarot reading, where a one size fits all cold read is thrown at us.

Overall I enjoyed the book and the exercises on self dialogue( The idea of sitting down and talking to yourself through writing form to see what perversions of the energies are invading your life and causing you problems) were really good. As where the idea of acting as if.

Acting as if means that you act in the manner you would were you channeling the full power of one of the energies. I relate this to pick up in acting as if you are confident and acting as if the girls want you to approach them, kiss them etc...

Overall I enjoyed the book and learned a lot from it. I just think that they could have knocked one out of the park and instead had to settle for a double, good but not a must read.



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