Monday, March 19, 2007

Getting your eye brows waxed sucks...

I just got mauled by my eye brow waxing lady and it made me think that as much work and emotional pain that we go through as guys, girls go through just as much work and PHYSICAL pain in living up to the modern standards of beauty.

They have to wax or shave their legs and bikini areas, they have to get their hair done, they have to tan etc.. That's a ton of work so we have absolutely no right to be grudge women for making us work so hard to learn this stuff.

Anyway I'm going to now moisturize my eye brows and hope they stop being so fucking red soon...




  1. Anonymous6:26 PM

    I've never been one for manscaping. Personally I have a badass beard, and chicks open me on it. My personal take is girls really love a hairy man, because if they didn't the human race would have ceased to exist when man didn't have razors in olden times.


  2. Not to sound like too much of a girl, but...

    It's better to get your eyebrows threaded. It looks about the same, some argue it lasts longer, my advocacy is because of the long term effects: there are none.

    Waxing leads to premature wrinkling and damages the area. Threading is the way to go!

    I will now shout-out another lair so that people do not thing the lair I am a member of is gay.


  3. interesting way to look at it

  4. Anonymous8:45 AM

    I agree with you that valuable women do spend alot of time.. but as far as making us learn this stuff, I have to disaggree. I got into this because of the relationships that I was in in high school and college where I put everything I had in it to make the girls' lives better... its not a good thing that I have to change my attitude to "women are expendable" I have made a huge mental transition in the last couple years which has swung my thought process totally away from being in a commited long term relationship. That is a change in mental thought process that is contrary to what women want when they get to know me, by requireing me to take that mental attitude they are steering me away from what they want. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

  5. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Don't be a girly-man.

  6. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Yea, I think it is a bit wussy. I take total pride in being hairy and shit. Because it's a sign of virillity. Oh and read the alphabet of manliness by Maddox.


  7. yeah, cuz everything Maddox writes should be taken seriously. I admit his writing is some of the funniest shit ever, but still don't take the alphabet of manliness to heart. It is a kickass book though.

  8. Some things are a matter of preference (this is in response to other commenters, not Sinn of course), like scruff vs. clean-shaven.

    Others are just no-brainers. Ear hair = out. Nose hair = out. Unibrow or bushy eyebrows = out.

    No woman is attracted to the ear hair guy. And even if you get past that, no woman wants to get teased by her friends that she's going out with ear hair guy.

    There are exceptions to every rule, but this is pretty basic.

  9. Anonymous12:30 AM

    Im with you Sinn, I personally hate body hair. I just dont like it period. I think I look alot better without it.

    But if you think that getting your eye brows hurts. Try your chest. Then try having your chest lasered. That hurts like a mother fucker!! Good thing is once its done its done though

  10. Anonymous12:54 PM

    I pluck... takes a few mins every few days and there's something satisfying about removing hairs one at a time.