Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Random notes and stuff....

Heading back to Sydney in about 15 minutes so I figured I would take the time to actually be productive and post some things that are rattling around my brain aimlessly.

I don't do email game or online game so I had thought I had messed up with my AZ girl and a few others when I wasn't getting emails back. Then today I got a flood, so that was nice. The girl in AZ is amazing,hot,smart,funny... for sure GF material. She's kinda HB perfect A.... or AZ if I want to be really lame.

The Don wants to check email so I will continue later...


  1. Anonymous11:08 PM

    I can't believe you were in Melbourne and I didn't know. Yeah the fashion here is crap, I totally agree.

    Damn it, if I had known about that seminar I totally would have been there. Where can I find out the dates for your or other PUA's next Aus/Melboure seminars?

  2. check out www.themysterymethod.com and click on training programmes.

    alternatively email info@themysterymethod.com the details you wish to know.


  3. Don't forget to mention when you're here in AZ bud! =)