Monday, March 05, 2007

Dealing with Approach Anxiety.....

I have noticed that a lot of guys out there have some damn near un-tameable AA, so to help with that I want to introduce a rule that really helped me when I was starting. I think I learned this from Lance from PU101, but I may be wrong.

The idea is First set on the right. As soon as you get into your venue you open the first set on the right. It might be all guys, all girls or mixed, it doesn't matter. The idea is the sooner you open the sooner you start getting yourself into that talkative state that you need for pick up.

So when you go out tonight.... First set on the right.



  1. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Another thing I like to do when I have AA in field is to plant muself in a superbusy spot then just turn and open whatevers behind me without looking.

    I'm usually fine after the first set.


  2. Anonymous2:40 AM

    I also think that AA is a physical thing. So just to calm down by taking deep breaths, and laughing with your friends it's really hard to feel that AA anymore.