Wednesday, March 28, 2007

End of an average night...

I went out to a strip club in the ghetto with RAHN our former instructor.

I HATE going to strip clubs. I really hate going to strip clubs at the end of the month, that's when EVERY fucking stripper opens with " Would you like a dnace and when you try to break the customer frame just up and leaves. Because they have BILLS to pay and no matter how interesting a guy you are. She's got her mind on her money and her money on her mind. We roll up and I blow my introduce myself to the manager ploy. But I get his name "Josh". This is super valuable information I also know his friend Tim. Who I should have said was my friend as he wasn't there that night. Instead I make a rookie mistake and name my friend without her asking who he was. That's the first mistake I make in the set I number closed.

Then we sit and we get approached and I just wasn't feeling the girls there. Either they were flat chested or ugly or Eastern European. Nothing against the culture, but the girls that strip don't understand english as well and thus they cut off the gaming. Faster the older ones just can't cope. they are like social robots. "would you like a dance" " you so sexy " " you like that " ... done.

So I blow sets of left and right. I'm really suprised we were still getting approached.

Then she approaches she's tall 5'10 she tells me... I turn her program off and she sits. I hit some pre-selection, I make her laugh. We are not going to get along. I slap her hand. The waitresses come in to cockblock. "no I don't want to help her out by buying her a drink. "I'm not a customer I'm friends with Josh". she stays. Big sign she stays through two blown off drink requests. On the second i tell her she can run along and make money. She stays again. It's on. Rahn bails, cause his vagina hurt or something and I have to justify staying and my friend leaving. It's cool I tell him I'll see him in a minute. Then I stay another 5 after I get her number.

She did however tell me she was going to ask Josh about me, which may kill my game ... We'll find out.

She just texted back...



  1. Here in sweden we don't have the same strip culture as comparison to the US. And the girls who work at those places are usually alot less attractive then the girls at the local bar so I have never been into "stripper game" but it sound really fun!

    Its interesting how different cultures have different "clicks" of desireble women.

    Saw that you agree with my oppinion that Stockholm has the most beautiful women in the world though Sinn ;)

  2. Anonymous9:56 AM

    ''My friend Josh'' textbook.

    How many girls have you got on the go these days Sinn?


  3. Anonymous11:22 AM

    What's so wrong about introducing your friend without her asking???

  4. in respect to this "average" night. what would be a stellar night, and a below average night.