Friday, March 16, 2007

Is Rick Barnes retarded????

You have the BEST scorer in all of college basketball, maybe one of the best scorers in college of all time and he's not touching the ball i a 3 point game in the first round of the NCAAs.... is Rick Barnes trying to get fired? Is he retarded? Has anyone ever heard him talk? Does he sometimes get confused and forget Kevin Durant is on his team?

I need an answer to this....

Good game here in Va Tech Vs Illinois... down to the wire now 37.7 left. Illinois misses twice... and now fouls Va tech. they miss the first free throw hit the second. 2 point game. 17 to go. I love March Madness.

WOW missed three the guy rebounds it and gets fouled in a scramble for the ball....

This guy misses and then they rebound and the guy gets tied up possesion arrow VA Tech... Game over.

Can't say Illinois didn't have a shot here... They got outscored 12-0 in the last few minutes.

Best game I've watched so far.



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