Tuesday, March 06, 2007

One time one day seminar with Toecutter in Melbourne

So I hinted at this the other day, but I have finally confirmed that on Mon the 12th of March in Melbourne, myself and Toecutter Aka Vision from " The Game" will be putting on a special one day seminar on attraction with a focus on Cold Reading.

Cold reading is the ancient art of telling people truisms about themselves that seem to reveal a greater understanding of the other person. Cold reading is one of the best ways to simultaneously build attraction and comfort. If you are looking for a way to make sure a woman remebers you as the most profound person she has ever met, this seminar is for you.

If the seminar was on cold reading alone, it would be worth the price, but I have convinced TC to go over some of his other ways to build attraction that he hasn't revealed publicy before. Some of the stuff he has said he is going to be talking about is of great interest to advanced guys like myself and The Don who will both be attending.

I first found out about Toecutter and his palm reading from Savoy who posted a lay report on the old lounge about using it in San Diego. In fact my version of the Cube which frequently makes girls cry and everyone from Mystery on agreed was a killer killer comfort routine was based largely on TC's palm reading. In fact if enough guys ask, I will even teach my version of teh cube at this seminar. Something I haven't been teaching in regular bootcamps for about 3 months simply in the interest of time.

Well after a lot of convincing Toecutter has decided to stage a special one day seminar, on both cold reading and other attraction generating techniques. I will be watching with great interest at this rare oppurtunity to learn from one of the best guys in the game.

The seminar will run from 12-5 and cost $ 950, be aware that space will be limited to between 12 and 15 people so it will be very much on a first come first serve basis. If you have already taken a bootcamp and act quickly discounts may be availible.

No hype, no bullshit, just one of the guys I have learned a ton from teaching some of his best stuff for attraction.

I can't remember the last time I was excited to watch someone else teach.

For more info or to sign up email Jeremy@TheMysteryMethod.com

See you guys there.



  1. So.

  2. Anonymous4:11 PM

    is jeremy@tmm.com = Vision, the MM instructor = Toecutter?

    or the Vision/Toecutter from the Game is a separate person from the MM instructor?

  3. Please write up a review of the seminar...and make an interview series about cold reading with the don!

  4. Seperate people.

    Vision who used to instruct for us was another guy.

    Jeremy is our sales guy.


  5. Masters9:59 AM

    Wow, that's pretty amazing.
    Maybe Toecutter can help out again outside of Australia?

  6. Dude, that's awesome. I want to go to that!!!

  7. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Will there be a dvd series?

  8. Hawk aka MunichHawk3:47 AM

    I hope you teach your cube in Munich in May!
    Wish you guys a happy seminar.

  9. Anonymous11:48 AM

    You should video this and sell it as a product!

    That would be sweet and I think it's safe to say many would purchase it.

    I would.