Friday, March 02, 2007

Blogging pre-in field

So I got laid last night, she wasn't anything super was CJ's set and quite suprising I ended up getting laid as she was giving major resistance to all kino pre-cavemanning her on the roof of our hotel...

CJ used the chessyiest bounce ever inviting them to see the view from our hotel's roof... it worked though.

Great group here in Sydney, I have really high expectations for all of the guys in here, and I can't remember a better dressed better looking group iof guys on a bootcamp. This is the kind of stuff that is really exciting as a teacher, as all the guys here, seem to have their shit really together. Can't wait to see how they do in field.

I'm rush, rush, rush right now, but thank god I don't have the massive jet lag I had yesterday, if I can keep my energy level up everything will be fine.. if not, actually if not isn't an option.

I got to teach a lot of new stuff out of magic bullets, which is pretty exciting as I've been holding it out to coincide with the release of the book, but I figured that since it should be out on Mon, why wait. You can pre-order Here

Also got to meet two of our mods from the TMM forum Scooby and Malibu, both really cool guys who seem like a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to seeing how they do in field as well. My guess is they will both be pretty good.

Overall I'm glad to finally start the gauntlet as sitting aorund yesterday, time was crawling by at a snails pace, now atleast I'm rushed and i know how to deal with rushed. I literally don't know how to relax anymore and end up sleeping...

I feel ready for the camp tonight and I'm expecting a good night.



  1. Anonymous9:00 AM


    I'm really looking forward to meeting you and your buddies in Melbounre.

    I've booked myself in to the Melb boot camp, but haven't heard anything on the locations.

    I've emailed about it but still no response.


  2. Anonymous10:17 AM


    The same thing happened to me in Austin. Your email blocked the MM email that sent you directions.

    A) Make sure you have every possible email address at MM added to your friends in your address book so the problem doesn't happen anymore.

    B) Call MM right now and get them to give you the directions over the phone. That is what I had to do.

    C) Make sure you pay the rest of your fee. The email that contains the directions also has a link to pay the rest of your balance. I never got either one so when I arrived in Austin I had to make sure I had enough money on me to cover my balance.